Facticiti-client - Job Portal

A confidential portal for the employers looking for qualified candidates.

Project description

Using this job website, any employer who is authorized in a system, can post a hiring information and hire people according to the matches of the job requests and the candidates’ skills. The system compares vacancy requirements with candidates skills and shortlists relevant candidates.
Employers can send skill tests to any trusted person right in the system. After the skill test is passed by a candidate, the employer can see the result. The job portal allows also to research the provided information and get the analytic data percentage of a list of the suitable candidates according to the required characteristic and professional skills.

So, this software implies innovative process of identifying work skills of a candidate along with the unique CV parsing technology. Facticiti automatically compiles the data to create an ideal candidate profile. Therefore, companies receive pre-screened candidate profiles prioritized by competencies and the most qualified candidates enriched profile rise to the top of the list. Facticiti job portal makes the hiring process fast, truly digital and data-driven.

The key features

  • Publish vacancies
  • Receive pre-screened prioritized profiles of candidates
  • Send skill tests to candidates and get the results
  • Get a detailed list of qualified candidates
  • Virtually meet candidates by viewing their Facticiti Profile


  • UI:
    CSS3, Html5, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap Grid, Ajax
  • RDBMS:
    SQL, PHPMyAdmin.
  • Backend:
    PHP 7.1
  • Frameworks:
    Yii 2
  • Application Servers:
    Apache Tomcat 7