The application that replaces all plastic, discount, bonus cards and help to stay informed about all discounts, promotions and news of companies.

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General description

With MF-Card you are already connected to more than 150 companies in 6 Russian cities. Every week, MF-Card connects new companies.

You can receive a gift of 1000 points, if you have a promo code. Bonus you can spend on paid shares and activation maps.

Also, you can find free tickets in Russian cinemas.


Tools & technologies used: iOS SDK, CoreData, Xcode, Objective C
Platform iOS & Android


Farid Gazizov CEO,

The app’s more than 20,000 downloads provide ample information for market research. Code Inspiration is consistently on-time, conscientious about technical specs, and excellent at collaborating with nondevelopers. Their sought-after project management is easy to recommend.


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Available for: iOS (iPhone) & Android
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