Poker Discover - Poker Game Finder mobile application

A search service mobile application to select the most suitable tournament, cash game or place to play live poker.

Project description

The mobile app is for offline poker amateurs. This mobile application is developed for poker players and will help them find all types of offline poker games, even the rarest ones such as open Chinese poker or five-card Omaha, all over the world. The application is considered to be a worldwide aggregator of offline poker events as well as of information about poker clubs and casinos. The application has several search filters. It is possible to search by country, city or even address: the mobile app will find all poker clubs and casinos according to the given options. Or the mobile app can just use your GPS-coordinates to show the nearest clubs and casinos right on the map. Poker Discover app can simply show all the upcoming tournaments and games in a given location. There is also comprehensive information about the clubs and casinos. The mobile app has a vast database of first-class poker clubs and casinos with a brief summary, reviews and contact information. Poker Discover mobile application is developed for both iOS and Android platforms.

The key features

  • Easy to find an offline poker event
  • Simple search of poker events all over the world or in the given location
  • Comprehensive information about poker clubs and casinos.
  • Notifications about upcoming offline tournaments and cash games


  • Android platform programming language:
  • iOS platform programming languages:
    Swift, Objective C
  • Version control system:
  • Project management tool:
  • Software development methodologies:
    Agile, TDD, Code refactoring