Real Estate mobile application

A mobile application developed for the residents of housing blocks.

Project description

There is a tradition in the country of our customer: people actively communicate with neighbors and often organize joint events right in the yard. The customer addressed to us with a task to make this process digital. As a result, we developed an iOS and Android mobile applications for residents of housing blocks. Created mobile applications represent not just a social network for residents-users, but also help to deal with household affairs. Let's see what this mobile app can! The main idea and designation of the application is a possibility for any user to create an event and invite neighbors. There is an advanced event creation functionality: user not just indicates type of the event and date, but also enters minimum and maximum number of attendees, what is required to take part, number of volunteers needed, cost of participation etc. When the event is created, it is possible to send invitations. The mobile app will notify relevant people about the event, that is to say children will not be invited to event for adults =), or event creator can just send invitations manually. There are also social network features. Users can create groups, share events announcements, text, links, images, documents, comment and react on other users' posts. With in-app chat, it is possible to write messages or share content in private conversations. Every user has his/her own social profile. With the help of the mobile app, users-residents can order a range of domestic services, for example, cleaning or fixing a broken lock. There is also a possibility to subscribe for this or that service and order, for example, cleaning services every 2 weeks, with indicated day and time. One more feature is a possibility to book neighborhood's equipment. A user of the mobile app can browse a list of available equipment and book, for example, bicycle, chainsaw, electric scooter etc. for a necessary time. Surely, the application will show the booked item unavailable for booking by other users for the given period of time. Stripe payment system is integrated in the application. It makes possible for users to pay for participation in an event or for ordered services or booked equipment right in the app. Stripe lets the development team to add advanced payment features, for example users will be refunded quickly right in the app in case the booked equipment is broken or event was cancelled. To sum up, this is a perfect companion mobile application for a resident of a neighborhood.

The key features

  • Advanced chatting features to communicate with neighbors online
  • Create online and offline events, inviting neighbors to take part
  • Order domestic services online
  • Book equipment online
  • In-app payments with Stripe integration


  • Android platform programming language:
  • iOS platform programming language:
  • Backend:
    Java, Spring boot
  • Third-party integration:
    Stripe, Pixabay, mainmanager, Mailjet, Itextpdf
  • Admin panel:
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