Cushman & Wakefield Maps - Real Estate mobile application

An interactive mobile map was developed for Cushman & Wakefield with all up-to-date real estate properties located in Moscow and other Russian cities.

Project description

Cushman & Wakefield is a global commercial real estate services company from the USA. The given mobile application contains objects with detailed description of property, such as Moscow business-centers, Malls all over Russia, Warehouse complexes of Russia, Moscow hotels. The core of the mobile app is an interactive map of Russian cities with icons of commercial real estate objects. The maps demonstrate locations of properties as well as classify them by types and sort by status (existing objects, properties under construction or reconstruction, planned projects). There is also comprehensive information about all the objects available right in the mobile application that helps real estate professionals take decisions. Data in the mobile app is frequently updated by a special Cushman & Wakefield monitoring group. The mobile application is developed for the iOS platform.

The key features

  • Interactive map with real estate objects
  • Multiple search filters
  • Comprehensive information about the objects
  • Constant data update
  • Assistant application to real estate professionals


  • iOS platform programming languege:
    Swift, Objective C
  • Version control system:
  • Project management tool:
  • Software development methodologies:
    Agile, TDD