Cibando is a useful restaurant-finder app. Features allow you to find: Restaurants, Pubs, Coffee houses, Bars + Use GPS to find restaurants near you.

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General description

With Cibando it’s possible to appreciate the restaurant long before getting there, thanks to beautiful images of dishes, seating areas, kitchen, assembly and chefs. Cibando also offers a rich array of useful info, news, advice, tips and anything necessary to help you in your restaurant choice.

How does it work?

Just draw a circle on the map to easily and quickly find a restaurant near you. Browse photo galleries, descriptions, useful info, tips and much more.

Why should you use Cibando?
Cibando’s reliable services aim to provide users with an unforgettable and unique dining experience.

Features allow you to find: Restaurants, Pizzerias, Trattorias, Osterias, Pubs, Coffee houses, Bars, Delis, Farm holidays, Ethnic cuisine, Happy hour hangouts, and many more dining categories

+ Use GPS to find restaurants near you
+ Filter by cuisine, price, and neighborhood
+ Search and browse alternative options.

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