IThanks - Social Network Mobile Application

The application makes possible to express gratitude in a modern digital form as well as monetize the gratitudes received.

Project description

IThanks is a personalized electronic system that allows citizens - users of the application - to send digital Thanks from person to person. The project represents a custom website, iOS and Android mobile applications. The goal of this complex application is to make the process of saying Thanks digital. The idea is when somebody expresses gratitude to you in the application, you receive a Thanks and 10 US cents to your account. Then, it is possible to get money out or spend them shopping online. Basing on such a simple idea, the mobile application makes possible to improve the ordinary things. For example, small business owners can ask clients to leave feedback for a Thank. What's more, advertisers can boost user's engagement, asking them to watch promotional videos, download an application, leave a comment, visit a website etc, for a Thank. So, the mobile application attracts users to an advertisement by a material compensation. In addition, for this given mobile app we have developed a new advertising format, which suggests that the advertiser pays only for a specific customer who made a purchase after seeing the advertisement. The mobile application provides business owners and advertisers with a new simple digital tool to tell about their products and services. The developed system includes in-app ranking of users, divided by categories. Users can take part in competition - the more iThanks a user receives - the more chances to win he/she has. There are also some types of IThanks in-app currency: Bronze IThank allows users to send Thanks to people, specialists and companies within a kilometer. Silver makes possible to send IThanks all over the world. When an IThank reaches recipient's account, it becomes IThanks Gold and can be transferred to fiat money.

The key features

  • Possibility to send digital Thanks to any user
  • Possibility to monetize gratitudes received
  • Get rewarded for any action on the platform
  • Possibility for advertisers to find potential clients
  • In-app competition of users
  • Several types of in-app currency


  • Frameworks:
    Spring MVC, Hibernate, JavaScript, JUnit, JSP
  • UI:
    JSP, JSTL, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, Html, Bootstrap
  • Application Servers:
    Apache Tomcat 7, Jetty
  • Operating Systems:
    Ubuntu server
  • Technologies:
    Java (EE, SE), HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Maven, JPA, REST, Java multithreading & concurrence, JDBC