Townly - Social Network Mobile App

Location-based social network mobile application.

Project description

Tired of getting back from a trip and realizing you could have linked up with a close friend who coincidentally was there at the same time? - Never again. In this iOS mobile application you can input your upcoming trips to find out which of your friends, or even their friends, you will cross paths with! - With this mobile app you can travel connected! This works even if you don't plan on traveling much in the foreseeable future. You can manually control sharing any upcoming locations that you are planning to visit. In addition, developing this mobile application we avoided using device's GPS tracking. Instead of GPS the mobile app simply uses the city names that a user inputs to match with friends that are going to be around at the same time. Digital active young people, who are fond of travelling, value mobility, enjoy meeting with other people are target audience of this mobile application.

The key features

  • Discover friends with matching trip plans
  • Get notified when your friends are visiting your area
  • No GPS tracking required
  • Possibility to chat with other users
  • Contacts and friends news feed
  • User-friendly and engaging design


  • iOS platform programming languages:
    Swift, Objective С
  • iOS libraries:
    PushKit, EventSource, Firebase, Alamofire, KingFisher
  • Version control system:
  • Project management tool: