InstaChain - Social Network mobile application

InstaChain is a powerful and modern mobile application for building the shortest chains between two INSTAGRAM users.

Project description

An internal intelligent algorithm of the mobile application tracks only real acquaintances/mutual subscriptions which are used to construct chains from one user to another. A user of the application can construct chains to celebrities, idols, politicians, businessmen and all those whom he/she is interested or whom he/she wants to get acquainted with in real life. The developed mobile application is simple to use. A user has to register and log in with an Instagram account to create chains. Every user has a profile where chains created FROM this user as well as chains created TO this user are shown. Our backend capabilities and the shortest chain search algorithm are unprecedented. In 1 second, we are processing over 1000 chain constructing requests among more than 20 billion contacts of INSTAGRAM users to build a chain. The mobile application is developed for both iOS and Android platfroms.

The key features

  • The shortest way of any user to any user
  • Unique chain building algorithm
  • History of chains created
  • Notifications about chains created to a user
  • In-app ladder of the most popular users


  • Android platform programming language:
  • iOS platform programming languege:
    Swift, Objective C
  • Version control system:
  • Project management tool: