TennisHero - Sports Social Network mobile application

A mobile application for tennis players.

Project description

A mobile application that allows you to challenge your friends to real life tennis games to earn points, badges and climb the leaderboard. This mobile app represents a social network for tennis players and fans. Using this app, you can find an opponent for tennis game, or invite your friend to play. Do not forget to enter the result of the match in the application - save your scores and let TennisHero keep track of your scores and match history. After a game you can rate your opponent. There is an in-app Leaderboard that shows the best players for the given period - earn points to climb the leaderboard against friends and the entire TennisHero community. Every user has own profile. Simply playing tennis and entering results in the application you earn badges and build your TennisHero profile. If you follow your friends you will be able to see activity comparison between friends and other TennisHero players in your area. The mobile app is developed for both iOS and Android platforms.

The key features

  • Find an opponent for tennis game
  • In-app ladder of the best players
  • Scores and matches history
  • Easy to share results, photos, achievements.
  • News feed with updates from friends
  • Reviews and scoring system


  • iOS platform programming languages:
    Swift, Objective C
  • Android platform programming language:
  • Tools and technologies used:
    Java, GAE, Spring, Hibernate + JPA, Maven, AFNetwork, RESTful web services, iOS SDK, CoreData, Xcode.
  • Software development methodologies;
    Agile, TDD.