Text Templates for Pages

A library of 980+ German Standard Texts, Drafts, Templates, Letters for use in Pages or Word.

Project description

The mobile application with a comprehensive library of documents’ drafts in German developed for the iOS platform. All the documents are divided by such categories as Banking, Authorities, Certificates, Notes, Claims, Business and Private Templates etc. The application contains documents that are useful not only for business operations but also in daily life affairs. The mobile app is compatible with Pages and MS Word apps. The application lets users to be perfect in writing German letters, complaints, cancellations or notices. With this mobile app there is no need to spend money for German solicitors for contract drafts, reminders or official documents. The developed mobile application is easy to use: just select the category of draft you are looking for, and scroll through the documents by using cover flow or type the name of the document you are searching for in the search field. Then open it in Pages and customize to your needs. Send the customized document via E-Mail or print out via AirPrint. Or convert to Microsoft Word and store on your Mac or Windows computer for later use. All German drafts in the application's library are written in official and perfect German.

The key features

  • Comprehensive library of German documents for business operations and daily life affairs
  • Easy navigation and search of a required document
  • Compatibility with Pages and Word
  • Perfect official German language


  • iOS platform programming languages
    Swift, Objective C
  • Tools and Technologies used:
    Xcode, iOS SDK
  • Version control system
  • Project management tool:
  • Software development methodologies:
    Agile, TDD