Options Trading Mobile Application

A mobile application that makes options trading available for non-professionals

Project description

The mobile application is developed for both iOS and Android platforms. The app was created for the US financial market exclusively: the US citizens only can create an account and trade.  With this mobile app users can trade stocks and options. The great value of the app is that it makes options and stock trading simple and accessible: users don't need any professional trading knowledge and skills, professional terminology knowledge is also unnecessary. So, this made it possible to attract a broad audience to the mobile application, namely people who are interested in trading but have no time and/or desire to learn trading. The mobile application is aimed at a broad audience: the app is perfect for microinvesting and users can start trading even with small amounts. The mobile application has also a personalized news feed so that users can track important stock market news. The mobile application is developed on the basis of the US banking and financial regulatory requirements.  This mobile application is a great example of our cooperation with a startup. While we were developing the MVP and then a release version, the customer's team in America focused fully on business aspects, search for investors, marketing, networking and so on. Such an approach was useful for the client, and they managed to achieve their business goals: they raised several investment rounds and the app was released. 

The key features

  • Options and stock trading
  • Secured money deposit and withdrawal
  • Commission free trading
  • Easy to use - no knowledge of professional terminology is required
  • In-app rewards for trading activities


  • iOS platform programming language:
  • Android platform programming language:
  • Backend:
  • Development methodologies
    Agile, TDD, Design patterns