Travel website development

A website for booking trips to the Royal Kingdom of Bhutan.

Project description

The travel website is created for an agency that has an exclusive right to sell trips to Bhutan Kingdom. As you may probably know, Bhutan is regarded as one of the most exclusive travel destinations all over the world. The website offers comprehensive travel services booking and order. A user can browse trips available, its title, description, route, schedule, by day trip itinerary, included activities, accommodation, transfers, FAQs etc. Every trip is accompanied by a description of natural and cultural objects which are visited in the trip selected. There is also explanations of the trip's activities, be it dance show in national clothes, costumed theatrical performance or tasting of national cuisine etc. Every trip represents also a host - a local resident - team-member of the agency who can answer questions and will accompany a tourist during the trip. Trip description contains also additional services a user can order. Finally, there is an interactive map where a user can browse a selected trip, its route, places to visit, accommodation etc, everything by day. When a user selects a trip, it is possible to pay for it and the system will book everything relevant to the selected trip: flights, accommodation, tickets to events and so on. This travel website has also reviews and rating system. Every tourist can rate the trip and share opinion after attending it.

The key features

  • Select and order trips
  • Pay once - the system books everything
  • Interactive map with by day trip itinerary
  • Rating and reviews system
  • Accompanying content, video, photos, text descriptions, explanations of authentic terms


  • Programming language:
  • Frameworks:
    Express, Zone.js
  • Database:
  • Third-party integration:
    Google Maps