TravelBakers - Travel website

A P2P based platform that offers all travel related services in a single place.

Project description

A custom website developed for a large travel agency in Lithuania. Agency's experts noticed that the travel market lacks customizable travel offers. So, together with our customer we created a web platform that combines marketplace and social network features. This resulted in the P2P based tourist platform where users can find first-hand travel deals with all travel related services. Anyone who is planning to go on a trip can browse and book already prepared tour, as well as customize it, adding travel activities. Therefore, anyone can become a Travel Baker and create and host tour(s) on the web platform. These tours can be created right on the developed website by using a simple online constructor. In case this tour becomes popular, Travel Baker will get money from each purchase of this tour. So, this travel website provides people who would like to go on a trip, with many options created by other travelers, discoverers and adventurers who want to share their travel experiences. There is no need to spend hours looking for flight, accommodation, excursions, events, activities, then book and pay for them separately. TravelBakers tourist platform offers already "baked" tours "tasted" by other travelers. To go on a trip, you can just select a trip, that includes flights, accommodation, many activities prepared, and pay for it at once. There is also a possibility to chat with a travel baker if necessary. Digital active people are target audience of this travel website. Such people like to compare offers, always trying to get as much information as possible before make a purchase, they check reviews thoroughly and prefer online shopping to offline. This travel platform was created to match the needs of such people. The website was expected to follow the brand characteristics, namely trust-worthy, sustainable, modern, trendy, NOT bossy and patronizing, forcing. Keeping in mind the characteristics of the target audience and following the customer's brand features, as a starting point of the development we have made several iterations of design in active interaction with our customer who is expert in travel industry.

The key features

  • Many travel options to choose from
  • Select and pay for all the travel activities at once
  • Registration as a "Travel Baker" to create own trips
  • Easy-to-use online trip constructor
  • Possibility to earn money
  • Trips recommendation engine


  • Front-end:
    JavaScript, CSS, Angular 9
  • Back-end:
    PHP, Laravel framework
  • Database:
  • Application Servers:
    PHP-fpm, nginx
  • Third-party integration:
    Hotelbeds, Kiwi
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