Gmooh - Travel Platform

The application represents a trip planner website with all the required functionality for booking your journey in advance.

Project description

Developed travel web application makes possible to find, book and pay for multiple travel activities, simply forming a comprehensive trip on a single website. All you need to do is to enter your location into the search field, and the web app will show you the destinations available, sorted according to the price. Each city page contains a comprehensive guide on accommodation, shopping and restaurant options, general description of the city with places of attraction, events and nearby cities that may be of interest for a user. Besides appealing animation design of the planned itinerary, the project has complex search, making it possible to find flight, railway or bus tickets at the most competitive prices. Depending on the chosen location, description of restaurants, shopping and events options are offered. A user of the website can also check an overview of an event offered: general information, address, contacts, the map with the mark on it and a booking option. There is also a feature to confirm all the previously chosen travel options, and pay for the selected trip then, that is, for all the selected activities at once. Check a short video below to see how this travel application works! Address to Code Inspiration if you need your own travel platform!

The key features

  • Recommendations of different events
  • Possibility to picks a place to visit
  • Accumulation of info till the whole trip is formed
  • Booking of all planned activities at once
  • Description of the location chosen
  • Overview of the event details


  • Frontend
    ES6, TypeScript, Angular 7
  • Backend
    JavaEE, Spring, MVC, Spring Security, Spring Data JPA, Hibernate, Java 8
  • Database
  • Application Servers
    Apache Tomcat 8, Apache server, nginx
  • Third-party integration
    Skyscanner API, Google services
Code Inspiration has kept the project on track and exceeded expectations. Always cooperative, they set a steady pace and focused on key aspects of the project.
CEO, Travel platform