MyBabyMy - Video Making Mobile Application

An application for mothers who want to keep memories about their pregnancy and newborn babies.

Project description

“MYBABYMY” is an iOS application created for mothers who want to create original videos and animated stories about their kids. These stories can start even from the time of pregnancy. The mobile application is simple to use. Every day a user can add a picture or a short 2-3 seconds' video, and/or a selfie of a kid. When a user has enough content, it is possible to set the desired parameters of a video - for example, add exact age of a kid into every fragment of the video. Then a user can pick a soundtrack that will go along with the video. It is possible to choose from the application's default music library, or from user's own playlist. The mobile app will ask also to select the desired period of the growth of a baby that the video is going to be created for, and choose the desired length of the video story. All the options can be set in a couple of taps, after which the application will generate the video. With this mobile app, it is easy to create eye-catchy and original videos even without any video production skills.

The key features

  • Create videos and animations without any video making skills
  • Created videos look nice, eye-catchy and professional
  • Simple and user-friendly video editor with lots of features
  • Easy to add masks, text, sound and animation effects to video
  • Easy to share videos and stories


  • iOS Platform Programming language:
    Objective C
  • Backend:
  • Database:
  • Tools & technologies used:
    iOS SDK, CoreData, Xcode, Rest.
  • Project management tool: