Video Chatting Application

A video chatting application which is aimed at the disabled people.

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General description

The application for both iOS and Android platforms developed with a limited functionality due to the fact that it is aimed at the disabled people. The application makes possible to make voice or video call just in a single click. UI/UX for the application were developed as simple as possible, taking into account the needs and perception of the users - disabled people.

The application has also a socially useful aspect because makes possible for the disabled people to stay in touch with relatives, friends, social workers, and simplify an online communication process for them.
Developed application operates as a standalone as well as additional application for the client's basic one.

Main functionality:

- user-to-user voice calls;
- user-to-user video calls;
- recent calls history;
- favourite contacts.


iOS platform programming language: Swift;
Android platfrom programming languge: Kotlin;
Android libraries: Rxjava2, dagger2, retrofit, mvvm, android architecture components.
iOS libraries: CallKit, PushKit, EventSource,, Firebase, Alamofire, KingFisher.

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