What Code Inspiration keeps in mind when working on your exclusive professional website design is your future customers. Build your company’s website that captures customer’s attention and gets them engaged with your company. Earn your competitive marketplace with the best website design services. Allow yourself to have your own tool that could help you stay visible 24 hours 7 days per week. Our key goal is to empower you with a wow-effect website via our unique website designing service to guarantee your business success. Increase your engagement and boost conversions with Code Inspiration team now.

We Create

Attractive, unique web design which helps businesses communicate with clients and increase conversion rate. This is the main principle we are guided doing web design services that we offer. Design is an integral part of any software solution.
Step 1

UX/UI Research & Analysis

This is an initial design development stage when we examine and discuss the project’s idea, its target audience, business goals and carry out competitor analysis. This is to collect data and define criterion of a successful design for the given project. During this phase, we also have to plan how users will interact with a product, how will they achieve goals, how will they get value using the solution. A great product starts with UX, and it is closely followed by UI.
Step 2

Wireframes & Prototypes

Next stage is about reation of lo-fi and high-fi mockpus. The goal is to develop a scheme to show how the product will work and further to define the color pallete. In fact, the created prototype becomes a blueprint of the future product. Custom web design mockup services are intended to let you see a «preview image» of your website design before it is built. It saves time and money.
Step 3


After the prototype, we develop the design. The task is to reflect the final content layout, elements, fonts, images, choice of colors. As a result, we get how the site will look in the end when developed.
Step 4

Development & Support

When the design is developed and approved, our experienced programmers begin the development. They take the developed outstanding design and combine with the latest development technologies. This way, a final, fully functional product is created. Completion of the project and launched website doesn’t mean that the work is over. There is a long road ahead connected to scaling, tracking users’ needs, adding features. Code Inspiration, being a long-term partner, offers a possibility to keep working on your website according to SLA agreements.

Your dedicated web design agency is Code Inspiration

Responsive Web Design Services

Responsive web design means that a website look flawless on any devices, adjusting to the screen size automatically. Your potential customers use PCs as well as mobile devices, and they expect your site will display well on their devices. Today, responsive web design and browser device compatibility is an integral characteristic of any website.

Why Choose
Our Web Design Service

Mobile Friendly Interface

Mobile traffic is growing. Majority of users search for goods and/or services using mobile devices. Regardless of your business sphere (banking, education, food & restaurants, etc.), it’s your concern to build your mobile presence.

Apply Right Technologies

We are focused on delivering a user-friendly and responsive layout. We apply smooth and lawless codes so that your site is automatically recognized on various devices, ensuring correct display as we adapt accurate code for multiple formats.

Be focused on UX

Once your visitors are on the website, they expect to find valuable information fast. We build websites and landing pages able to gain leads for you, while the proposed by us design catches your visitor’s attention.

Professional Look

Besides being mobile-friendly, we won’t forget about your professional look. We provide it with our designers’ professional view on graphics, colors, website layout and buttons chosen to the point.