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Within Kotlin development services, we develop simple and effective code providing efficient web and mobile applications. A great feature of Kotlin is that it interoperates with Java. This all helps us to deliver seamless user experience.

Make your choice in favour of our Kotlin development company and we will build a mobile apps as per your idea. Make sure we will keep you up to date with the modern technologies and approaches we use to transform your plans into innovative technology solution.

Set a trend and avail yourself of Kotlin development services by Code Inspiration to enhance your business development.

Giants already apply Kotlin for brilliant performance

Ready to keep pace with the most successful companies? They already take advantage of Kotlin!

Pinterest Pinterest

A widely-known photo-sharing social platform has become visible for more than 150 million people due to wide applying of Kotlin.

Coursera Coursera

World’s largest source of educational courses takes advantage of Kotlin to provide smooth user experience.

Uber Uber

Kotlin helps to build robust internal tools, necessary for the famous transportation service company.

Netflix Netflix

The language turns out to be the comprehension why the company tops the list of the largest internet television providers

Why should you consider Kotlin

There is a list where Kotlin enters with a set of advantages

Interoperability Interoperability

It is perhaps number one reason-why of its growing popularity. It’s outstanding characteristic — coexisting with the sibling — Java. With this interoperability, Kotlin makes it possible to ease coding, as there is no need to switch to a new project or change the code of the ongoing project.

Lesser coding Lesser coding

The language is designed in the way that it requires less coding (e.g., in comparison with Java). So less coding also implies fewer bugs and errors. And that means, what you get is time-saving coding experience, helping deliver solutions to customers within a shorter period of time.

Safety Safety

By applying Kotlin some crucial app errors can be easily avoided. What’s more, the developed with Kotlin Android apps have fewer chances to crash in comparison with the ones built on Java. It also boast lots of other features to avoid common programming mistakes.

Easy to learn Easy-to-learn character

Android developers mostly do not require to spend quite a bit of time to learn Kotlin. It’s enough to invest several hours to have the grip on Kotlin. The language comes with an intuitive syntax and is designed to avail gentle learning path for java developers.

Optimized Performance Optimized Performance

We build high performing Android apps applying Kotlin with the aim to help our clients achieve high level of return of investment (ROI). It is a relatively new language, but it addresses some of the Java backdrops, making final products much more efficient.

Status of official language Status of official language

Kotlin is the official language for Android development by Google: in 2017 it was announced by the multinational technology giant that it will support Kotlin on Android as a «first-class» language.

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Dedicated to the provision of smart experience through the mobile and web application development, Code Inspiration’s experts keep up to the latest technology trends, as well as frameworks. Being an advanced Kotlin Android Application Development Company, we use this powerful tool to achieve the business goals you set and address challenges you face.

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