5 things coders can advise business owners on early on

In today’s digital age, coders are crucial to businesses of all sizes and industries. They play a significant role in creating and maintaining the technology infrastructure that companies rely on to function efficiently.

They write the code that powers websites, mobile apps, and enterprise software systems and are also responsible for ensuring that these systems are secure, scalable, and user-friendly. This explains why tech jobs were up 25% in 2022.

As such, businesses that want to succeed must have a solid foundation in technology, and this is where coders come in. Here are five areas where coders’ advice will prove vital to business owners.

Technology stack. A girl working in an office.

Choose the right technology stack

When it comes to building a web application or software, the technology stack a business chooses can make all the difference. A technology stack is the set of programming languages, frameworks, and tools that are used to build a software application. It also involves selecting the right website hosting and domain.

Coders can advise business owners on which technology stack best suits their business requirements. They can suggest the best programming languages, frameworks, and tools based on the type of application, scalability, security, and budget.

As for website-related stuff, they can help choose the best website hosting options and domain name that aligns with their brand and is easy for customers to remember. For instance, they could use a domain name generator tool to develop good business names.

The right website hosting and domain can significantly impact the performance, accessibility, and search engine optimization (SEO) of a web application or software. By working with business owners to select the best options, coders can help set them up for success from the beginning.

Prioritize data security

Cybersecurity is an essential consideration for any business that operates online. Data breaches can be costly and damaging to companies, so it’s essential to prioritize data security from the outset. To give a clear picture, the average cost of a data breach increased to 4.35 million in 2022.

Coders would know how to implement security protocols, such as encryption, firewalls, and password protection, to safeguard sensitive data. They can also offer insights on staying updated on the latest security threats and how to avoid them.

Plan for scalability

Scalability is the ability of a system, application, or process to handle a growing amount of work or data in a responsive and efficient manner. In other words, it refers to the system’s ability to handle increasing demands without sacrificing performance, reliability, or security.

As a business grows, its technology needs will also evolve. Coders can help business owners plan for scalability by developing systems and applications to handle increased traffic and data volumes without interruption.

Consider user experience

A great user experience is key to the success of any web application or software. Research shows that 88% of online customers who have a negative user experience will not return.

Coders can offer expertise in designing a user-friendly interface that provides a seamless experience for the end user. They can advise on best practices for organizing the layout, the use of color schemes, the placement of buttons, and the overall functionality of the application.

Budget for ongoing maintenance and support

Once an application is deployed, it’s important to maintain it and offer support to the end users. A coder can give valuable advice on how to provide ongoing support and how to handle user feedback.

They can also monitor systems and applications for errors or security vulnerabilities and troubleshoot and fix issues when they arise. This ensures that businesses can operate without interruptions or downtime, which is critical in today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment.


Working with coders can provide valuable insights for business owners looking to build a successful online presence. By partnering with a team of experienced coders, business owners can ensure that their applications are built to the highest quality, security, and scalability standards.

With the right advice and guidance from coders, businesses can build a robust online presence that meets the needs of their customers and helps them achieve their business goals.