Improve UX design

Your website is a powerful marketing tool for any business. It serves as your salesman 24/7 and leaves a lasting impression on your customers. With this in mind, you should never take user experience (UX) for granted. The reason behind it is that it impacts how your potential and existing customers feel about your brand and your website.

Used interchangeably with user interface (UI), UX focuses on how your website feels and works. There are various factors that influence your website’s UX, such as site architecture, content development, and user persona development.

Whether or not you work with UX agencies in Manchester, there are various ways to improve your UX in 2021, and these include the following tips:

  • Perform A UX Audit

Before everything else, it’s wise to perform a UX audit. In this way, you’ll know the current status of your website’s UX. Also, you can easily determine where to get started and which website elements require a few tweaks.

Depending on your goals, the process of UX audit may involve reviewing analytics, understanding and reviewing user goals, checking usability standards, and many more. Once it’s done, follow the recommendations or suggestions provided.

  • Focus On Your Content

Your UX doesn’t only revolve around your web design. You must also focus on UX writing. Work with a team and produce quality content materials. Just use the language that your audience is familiar with and be user-oriented. You should also ensure that your contact with your users is transparent. Combining your content with a sense of humor can make a huge difference.

Take note that the experiences and perceptions of users are influenced by effective illustrations and well-written text. Rather than following the existing norms, you must research your users. Through this, you’ll know what your users prefer when it comes to trends or topics.

  • Balance With Simplicity

When it comes to design and UX, simplicity is the key. It’s the balance between what can be understood and what’s functional. It’s also the golden rule for designs to make everything easy to understand and easy-to-use. Besides, no matter how clever your designs are, if it’s complicated to understand, it’s considered useless. So, avoid any unnecessary complexity.

  • Add Videos

While quality images play a crucial role when it comes to customer engagement, videos may keep their attention engaged for a long period. Many people trust things that seem realistic, and videos may play their part well. For instance, if websites are showcasing new products, it’ll be hard to present every feature through content. On the other hand, videos can quickly make your audience understand your product’s features.

  • Fix 404 Errors

Nobody wants 404 errors when browsing. Generally, while browsing, users expect their search to land on specific pages without encountering errors. So, fix these errors to provide a better user experience. To get rid of broken links, you can use free tools online that allow you to find broken links and fix them immediately.

  • Practice Consistency

Having a consistent website may mean matching everything in a way that it’ll look well-structured for the online audience. Your headline choice, design elements, button styles, and colouring must be themed to improve your website’s appearance or user interface. It’ll add value to the navigation experience of your users and make it awesome. Consistency is very critical in UX because it makes the users switch from one element to another smoothly.

  • Make Advantage Of A Defined Heading Hierarchy

Another way to boost your UX this 2021 is by paying attention to your website’s headings. They should be targeted and specific to answering essential questions that potential clients ask. In short, your headings must contain strategic keywords which are relevant to your niche while being captivating and clear to read.

  • Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly And Responsive

Most website traffic these days comes from mobile devices. With this in mind, if your website isn’t mobile-optimised, expect that your target users will abandon it and would look for a well-designed website. If you don’t want to lose customers because of this, optimise your website’s mobile experience.

Other than your customers, you also need to remember search engines like Google because they crawl both your mobile and desktop websites. They also use both to index your website. Therefore, if your website is mobile-friendly, it’ll perform better, enabling you to provide an excellent UX.


Any online business desires to achieve conversion rates, but it’s only possible if you improve your website’s UX. By following the above tips, you can take your UX to a whole new level. Just make sure to work with experienced and knowledgeable professionals to meet your business needs and goals in no time.