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Creating a great website is not impossible. With advanced web design and development technology, websites can improve aesthetics, functionality, and marketing. But what are the essential elements of a great website? 

Regardless if you’re a novice web designer or a seasoned website expert, website creation comes with changing needs and considerations. It’s a must to abreast yourself with the latest trends to help your future clients attain their business website goals. No matter whether it is a simple website to order an essay or a complicated one with plenty of functionality. So, what factors should you think about when designing your domain?

Learn the important things to consider when creating a website by reading this guide. Website design and development. photoshop image

Web Design Proposal

Consider submitting a web design proposal to answer all potential queries and address all concerns. It should include an overview of you or your client’s brand or organization. Web design proposal should consist of other essential details, such as the following: 

  • Website Design Goals: Determine the web design goals of your client and include them in your proposal. Write a short explanation of how you’ll help the company achieve these goals. 
  • Target Audience: It is important to consider the types of visitors the business has. In this way, the client’s website design goals should match the preferences of your target audience. 
  • Functionality Requirements: This part of the proposal tackles interactions lacking on the current website to improve your professional web design skills. 
  • Timeline and Deadline: Has your client set a specific timeline or deadline to complete creating a website? In a web design proposal, you should always include the timeline or how long you’ll be able to finish a project.  
  • Budget: Ask your client how much money they’re willing to spend on website redesigning. 

Check Slickplan’s great post to determine how to create an optimal web design proposal.  

User Experience (UX)

User experience refers to how online users respond to a website’s user interface (UI). Do your visitors complain about your sluggish web pages? Also, do they find the menu hard to see? Are they having trouble navigating through your web pages?  

Consider UX design when creating a website to ensure an easy-go website experience for target users. Underestimating the role of UX design inevitably leads to unsatisfactory results. The main idea of UX is to lay out a good plan to engage an audience and boost digital marketing strategies.  

UX design can help boost digital marketing to increase leads and sales by allowing you to build good customer relationships through understanding their needs. You can also create the best customer experience possible to ensure customer loyalty. 

Wireframing And Prototyping

The importance of wireframing and prototyping should not be understated. These steps save time and effort across the entire web creation project. Wireframing is a vital communication tool in any website or application project. With wireframes, your client can think about what their website really needs to help them outline their primary focus and project goals. 

Prototyping gives your client a complete perspective of how the website will eventually look like. This process streamlines the web design development process, which focuses on an important user interface (UI) element. 

Here are some wireframing and prototyping tips when creating a great website: 

  • Keep Wireframes Simple: Focus on the most important web design elements by keeping wireframes simple and avoiding distraction. Remember that wireframes are sketch work, clearly describing the website’s functionality and usability—no need to get into the minute or the final look of the web design. 
  • Think of Content Placement and User Flow: Wireframing prioritizes user flows and content placement, not visual design. During this phase, you should resist the urge to make wireframes look beautiful because these will only slow down future iterations. Also, it will introduce more confusion in the testing phase. 
  • Add Annotations: Because wireframes are blueprints, adding annotations can clearly guide the web designer and web developer.  
  • Create Reusable Symbols and Styles: Wireframing software programs can create reusable symbols and styles to keep wireframes consistent and accelerate wireframing.  
  • Build A Digital and Physical Prototype: Both of these elements are invaluable in creating a digital sketch of bright ideas and obtain a clearer picture of the outcome. 

Website prototyping and design

Web Design and Development Tools  

Software applications help web developers build attractive web layouts with ease, speeding up the web development process. With easy to drag and drop features of software programs, one can create a more attractive website design layout. 

Front-end web development software programs may contain open source (free version) and commercial (paid) software. Check the following web design and development tools recommended for professional use: 

  • Administrative and Planning: Use a good tool for creating notes and sitemaps, such as Slickplan, allowing you to create sitemaps quickly.  
  • Design: Photoshop is a commonly used program for designing websites and creating wireframes. On the other hand, Illustrator is usually used by professional web designers for creating graphics or illustrations. 
  • Development: One popular Content Management System (CMS) is WordPress, easy to use and highly customizable.   
  • Testing and Debugging: Web-based cross-browser testing software program can be used for testing and debugging, inspecting HTML or CSS, and debugging development services. Illustartive image, a programmer is developing a website


When it comes to website creation, it’s essential to consider creating a web design proposal outlining the things your client needs to know and expect from the project. You also need to consider user experience (UX) to ensure that all steps are geared towards improving customer experience, regardless of whether you’re redesigning a website or creating a new website.  

Invest a short amount of time in wireframing and prototyping from the start of the web design phase, map out the layout, and build a replica prototype web design to ensure a more efficient and effective build phase. Also, consider using reliable web design and development tools to create websites quickly and professionally.