Benefits Of Getting Your Degree In Cybersecurity

Attacking malware, waving off botnets, and fixing defenses; if that sounds like fun to you, you just might want to know more about cybersecurity, its prospects, and the opportunities associated. 

Cybersecurity encompasses everything that is concerned with giving system users and data handlers the ultimate form of protection from breaches, damages, and undue infiltration. 

As of 2022, the world’s expenditure on proferring cyber-security solutions grazes a whopping amount of $155.83 billion and is forecasted to reach $376.32 billion by 2029. Seeing as the need for technology practices continues to grow, it is only consequential that there will be a corresponding greater demand for workers in the cybersecurity sector.

The opportunities in cybersecurity are endless and just what is more, the collaborations it comes with are unmatched. So what are the benefits of getting your degree in cybersecurity?

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There is a high demand for Professionals.

The plague of cybercrimes has been an ever-threatening presence to companies and agencies that operate systems and manage large data. Huge Corporations, Financial systems, and Medical facilities are constantly required to secure their operations, hence there is a huge demand for cybersecurity officials to perform these tasks.

The Bureau of labor statistics, a website with reliable statistics projects an expected rise in the demand for cyber security professionals by 36% in a few years.

The need is widespread and popular all over the world.  

In developing countries and developed countries, educational institutions are training more students to be cybersecurity professionals and occupy the numerous job vacancies waiting to be filled in sectors worldwide.

A Promising Career Path

The fields that are available for specializing in cybersecurity are many. Some of the many specialisations are:

  • Network Security
  • Applications Security
  • Information Security 
  • Operational Security 
  • End-User Education 

As a degree holder in Cybersecurity, you are open to several specializations to choose from, as well as a range of a million sectors to work in. Healthcare, Business, Advertising, Insurance, Law, Resource management. 

All of these are sectors that utilize technology in carrying out operations and storing data. Hence they employ a lot of Cybersecurity professionals to manage the tasks. Getting an advanced degree also increases your prospects of getting positions with leadership responsibilities and ranking high in the job market.

Flexible Work Hours

Flexibility comes with working as a cyber security officer. Though you are saddled with the responsibility of constantly fixing malware and waving off system bugs, you have the luxury of choosing to work as either a full-time or part-time consultant. 

Most times, you may opt to work from home as the bulk of the job is primarily online and can be delivered remotely.  In situations where there are urgent fixes to be made, cybersecurity professionals are always on-call and required to get into duty promptly.

Attractive Income

The median annual pay for a cyber security position in the United States is about $100,473 which is very lucrative for a Tech-based career. The salaries range spans from a 25th percentile value of $35,000 to a 90th percentile peak of $184,500. 

The more experience and skill you have also improved your chances of getting advanced positions with high pay. Positions like:

  • Cybersecurity manager
  • Cybersecurity Lead
  • Senior cybersecurity engineer
  • Senior cybersecurity consultant

are one of the highest-paid in the cybersecurity field and a degree qualification, as well as good experience, will get you to these roles where you can make more money as a professional.

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Being The Technology Doctor

Cybersecurity is indispensable in the management and effective operations of digitalized sectors. Being a cybersecurity professional offers you a window into the minds of malicious cybercriminals giving you the job of studying their tricks and attack pattern and planning ingenious ways to provide counterattacks.

Being a cybersecurity worker gives you the responsibility of keeping data safe, systems working, and viruses distant. If you are especially passionate about the technology industry, you are on your way to doing a lot of positive impact by getting a cyber security degree

All with saving digitized financial and medical data, protecting government records from spies, keeping databases of businesses and firms intact, providing a healthy balance between digitization and security, and consequently a sane environment for technology professionals to work in.

Opportunity for Improvement

The cyber security field is a constantly growing one and many universities are constantly improving their curriculum to provide the best possible training for students. New things keep coming up and resources are widespread to upscale your skill and expertise. 

If you love adventures, especially in the tech industry, you would be interested in getting a  qualification in Cybersecurity. Seeing as you are constantly required to think of defense systems for possible cyber attacks, as well as regularising operations for whatever sector you may be employed in.

Getting a Degree In Cybersecurity; What to Expect

Information Technology Security is a relatively recent program. Hence universities and institutions offering a degree are still perfecting the best approaches to train incoming students with. However, no matter where you are studying, you should expect courses on:

  • Cyber defense
  • System administration 
  • Data analysis
  • Basic programming 
  • Cryptography
  • Networking Concepts
  • System Components
  • Computer Forensics 
  • Computer Ethics

Before signing up for a degree, you should look for curricula that offer hands-on experiences, are accredited, and align greatly with your career. 

A degree will land you close to recruiters and give you the edge you need, to qualify and rank high for positions that’ll not only offer you a huge come but overall improve your expertise and experience levels.