New Emojis list

Modern digital world keeps on bringing new versions of products almost daily. This also applies to Unicode Consortium, which makes specifications and additions to all leading operating systems, search engines and applications. Consortium is responsible for the creating of the emojis which are smiles or ideogramas used in digital communication. With the increasing role of messengers emojis became a huge part of digital vocabulary. So let’s look at the list of fresh emoticons that has been confirmed to release in 2019.

A set, which was presented by The Unicode Consortium, contains 230 emojis totally and is a part of Emoji 12.0. These novel images have been created in a style of Apple inc. with shine and gloss. The set included 59 completely new emoticons and 171 changes for gender and skin tone to the existing ones. There are new emojis in all categories and most of them belong to people & body (209), objects (15), miscellaneous symbols (12), food & drink (9).

Some more additions were into an animals section, where you’ll find the emojis of flamingoes, sloths and skunks. With Unicode 12.0 every circle, square and heart will have a choice of 9 colors.  In addition, a wide range of things dedicated to food will appear: garlic, onion, falafel, beverage box and ice cubes.

New images can better stand for people with disabilities. It displays some illustrations we haven’t seen before, like mechanical arms, wheelchairs and prostheses. For example, in previous redactions there was only one symbol for physically challenged people. It called “Wheelchair symbol” and was approved as a part of Unicode in 2005. 12th version finally gets emojis such as “Ear with hearing aid”, “Guide dog”, “Man with probing cane” which can expand inclusivity and help with the representation of people.

New emoticons have already been sent to companies with large market shares of mobile systems such as Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft. They also will be available for other implementers with the roll out of Unicode 12.0 which is scheduled for March 5. But most likely, new emojis will start to emerge on mobile platforms only in September or October.

On the whole, now we can see not only the expansion of the existing emoji series but also its greater inclusiveness involvement. But despite the significant enlargement of emoticons many people still think that Unicode Consortium should pay more attention to representation of skin tones.