Change route on Google Maps – step-by-step guide

As an Android user, have you ever faced a problem on how to change route on Google Maps Android? Taking into account the quantity of search requests, quite enough Android users have to do with it reasonably frequently. In our today’s article we give some explanations to this issue, as well as provide you with a detailed guide on what you can deal with it.

Here is an algorithm of actions for you with comments.

1. Google Maps App

Surely, first you are to do is to find the Maps app. either on the home screen or access it via the app maps routing2. “Go” button

Tap “Go”. You’ll see it at the right bottom of the map. It looks like a blue circle with a white arrow maps routing3. Select Location

The next step is “Your location”. You can find it on the top of your device’s screen.change route in google maps


4.Starting point

What you have to do next is choose your starting point. Type the address and tap from the search results. To mark your current location, tap “Your location”. You can also mark your location on the map maps change route


5.Choose destination

This box is situated right below the starting point maps change route



Now you can select the destination. Now you are to type the address or put a landmark, than tap it in the search results.change route google maps


7. Alternate Route With Google Maps

This is the final step. Depending on your location and final destination, Google Maps will offer you optional itineraries. Here you can change routes by switching the lines: tap on the gray route, and it’ll be marked with blue colour indicating this is the preferred maps change route

Important notes

Please mind you can’t use a well-known drag-and-drop option to modify a route on Google Maps Android app. Alternatively, you can change the arrival and departure spots.

Plan a trip? You may probably need navigation to drive, use public transport, cycle or walk. Surely, Google Maps Android apps provide this opportunity. You can alternate your root when there is a need to multiply change your directions.

The sequence of actions duplicates points 1-5. As usual, tap “current location” to indicate your starting point. What you have to do now is to choose between a driving, walking or public transport icon.

A note about bike route planner

For cycling lovers, there exists an option for bicycle rides. Just tap the bicycle icon when selecting your route. Still, there is one peculiarity you have to take into account: Google Maps Android app will plan your bike route just in the way it plans routes for driving, i.e., it will offer you the shortest and the quickest itinerary. If you want a picturesque view during your ride, not necessarily the fastest, study all the optional routes before you move.

Google Maps Tip

Did you know you can send a route straight to your phone? Sometimes it is much easier to build your trip in advance on your computer using the familiar to you tools and then just send it to your mobile device and open it when necessary.