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The article is a part of Code Inspiration’s software development outsourcing Knowledge Base.

Today, if you will simply browse on the internet searching for a software development company, you will get many results with great promotional offers for your product, different business approaches and services, companies located in different parts of the world telling you that they have necessary experience and capacities to develop your product. Together with all this wide variety of software development firms you will see a great number of “horror” stories, when not only very cheap offers, but firms with great advertising and proven expertise “at first glance” turned into being a fake.

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Having heard a lot from our clients, Code Inspiration decided to provide you with a little list of tips, which type of development firm to choose, what to pay attention at while the process of selection and how to select not only a one-time technology partner, but a software development firm which will be your trusted partner in future.

First of all, let’s do a little classification of software development companies in order to help you to choose the type of your technology partner:

  • Big development agencies. Local development companies or outsourcing firms with amount of developers 1000+
  • Medium size development companies. Full cycle or highly specialized in their technological stack or in the product type they develop. Amount of developers 100+
  • Little software development companies also full cycle of highly specialized. Amount of developers under 100.
  • Group of developers, usually from 1 to 10, acting together as a group

Tips to Choose a Development Company

Few tips and clarifications about mentioned types of software development firms.

  1. Type one will be good if you are moving forward with an enterprise-level project. Good management processes and ability to scale the team would be a great plus for your project. Most likely that flexibility and personal approach would not be “in use”, however, guarantees written in the contract will provide you with the possibility to get a refund in case of a failure. Again, if your project requires 20-50+ developers working on it in parallel, this type of agency should suit you much better than any other type. If your project requires 1-2 developers, it will be for sure not a priority project for the development house
  2. The second type will be good if you are a company searching for development partner with certain technological skills and developers capable of working on such projects under your management or under the software company’s manager upon request. Pay attention to the level of language you are going to use discussing project requirements with the team member, especially, if we are talking about outsourcing agencies. Second type might be a good fit for a project from scratch. However, in case of a little project, which will require 2-10 developers on it; think about type 3 as well.
  3. The third type will provide you with their personal approach and flexibility as for them, your project will most likely be a priority, and they will keep an eye on all their projects, first of all, because the company with such amount of developers is considered to be at the stage of growth, and they will always listen to you and try to be as good as possible being much more interested to keep your project long term, in comparison with type 1 and type 2.
  4. The last one will be recommended in case the budget is limited or when your company is at the pre-seed stage and you are not sure whether the idea will succeed. The human factor will be considered the main minus here, as if your developer is ill, has poor English, or cannot work for any personal reasons it will take long to choose another developer working on your project with the part which was already done by the initial developer or a little group.

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Now, when you have chosen the type of your potential software development partner you are ready to do business with, let us provide you with some tips which might be important in the final selection of the software development company.

As per products there are different types of the software, first of all, choose which software development services you will need to develop the product and do your business:

  • Web development
  • Mobile application development
  • Full-cycle development

Top App Development Companies

Web development services

  • Tip 1

Whether you are in the very beginning of the product development, or you have already started doing the project, besides the experience in technological stack selected, pay attention to the communication skills of the product manager you are going to choose. Communication is considered to be one of the most important points, as understanding your business goals, providing appropriate advice and managing the software development process of your project is very important.

  • Tip 2

Don’t hesitate to do a test iteration with your potential business development partner and check their business approach, management processes and team experience on practice. Check how they provide their custom software development services and their experience in development of similar software. Make sure you are on the same wave in all the aspects, communicating with your technology partner. If on the test stage the software development company doesn’t meet your expectations – believe us, further won’t be better.

  • Tip 3

Pay attention to the reviews of other customers working with this software development partner on their projects, if they have good reviews only in the mobile applications development – then, it might be better to choose a professional web development company with proven record using your technological stack and good results you can check, as there should be already performed projects.

Mobile applications software development services

  • Tip 1

Doing business online, many companies are willing to proceed with their mobile development projects, in this case, if all you need is a software development company which specializes in good technology assistance in mobile software development – then try to choose the one with the best reviews in this area.

  • Tip 2

However, you should pay attention to the fact, that most projects which require mobile development, require back end services development also, and in this case, you may face the necessity to choose another development company which will provide you with the back end development team. As a result, you might face the situation, that whenever there is a technology problem with the project processes, one company will be trying to explain that the issue is not on their side, the other company meanwhile will tell you the same and it will take time to identify on which side the problem is. All this may lead to losing your users if the software is live. However, if you have a back-end developer in-house, this variant may suit you well. Otherwise, you should take into account the option to choose variant 3 as your custom software development partner.

Full cycle software development companies

  • Tip 1

This type of technology business partner is considered to be the best selection for big projects, for B2B companies and firms willing to scale their business or in case of a necessity to choose a dedicated team for the product development. If you are not yet sure which additional resources your team might need or which technology processes will be required for your business strategy, think of an option to choose full cycle development team with good processes in communication, proven custom development results and good management processes. If you feel like the team is doing the development of your project “as it was their own project” – this is a good sign. In this case you will have not only good technology development partners, but what is important – you will have friends, ready to share their experience with you, help promote your business and here the main point you should draw attention to is: how good your technology partner when it comes to solving urgent issues.

  • Tip 2

In case your company is at the stage of changing the vendor for further custom development of the project – selecting full cycle Development Company might be a good variant as well. Check the experience of the team on a little task. And also make sure it will be possible to proceed with the same development team for at least next half a year. Also, according to our experience, for the customer it is a good option to add to the contract a point which will help you to change the team participant upon request.

To sum up

As the practice shows, selecting qualified company for the development of your project is a great part of the total business success. Check your development agency according to the following basic criteria before moving with a long-term contract. Check communication skills of the manager you will be working with, give a development test task, pay attention to the timeline they announce and finally deliver. And if all this looks good, then it makes sense to select the company as your business development partner.

The article is a part of Code Inspiration’s software development outsourcing Knowledge Base.