Blog tips for SEO

In our article today we decided to go through some points you should think of before making the structure of your blog. However, before we proceed, let’s define why Blog is one of the most important sections of any website. Be it a digital one, or a website of any other niche, blog helps your website to grow visibility, brand awareness and number of visitors on your web.

At Code Inspiration we applied testing and did not publish any content in our blog, while doing constant updates of other existing pages of our website. In one-month term we lost around 30 % of our visitors. Just after we have started publishing blog, we have noticed that the amount of daily views and unique visits started growing just the same day we continued publishing content.

At the moment, waiting for our development team to update our blog page with new concept, we decided to share our research about the most up-to-date tendencies of the blog concept for a digital website.

1. Fresh and unique content

This point has never lost its popularity and will hardly do one day. Today, the tactics of adding multiple keywords in your text will not work if the text is not interesting for your readers. Try to create 800-2500 words articles of 4-12 minutes read. Highlight important information and add multiple images reflecting what you mean. As practice shows, custom images, designed for your article bring much more attention, rather than stock ones.

If you need some inspiration, have a look at this collection of well-designed websites and how their blogs look like.

2. Tips and lists

Audience of 2020 likes tips. Table of contents in the beginning of your article is also a good idea, especially if the article is rather long. Tips or check-lists are two points public is “hungry” about. Easy to read and to understand. Adjusted with some images or animated GIFs, your articles would be rated much higher than others.

3. Blog topic

Your blog should be dedicated to one concrete topic. For example, blog of Code Inspiration is oriented at digital content. Here you won’t find any irrelevant information about flowers, popular gifts, kids if it is not about digital products for kids, or e-market of popular gifts. Also, remember, if the blog contains multiple topics and different articles, it won’t be rated high in search engines.

While publishing your content in accordance with one global topic, if you have some subcategories or subtopics, it is always a good idea to add a possibility to filter them or to divide the blog into few sections: by industry, niche, type or any other relevant to your blog idea.

4. Blog structure

While the design of every blog is unique, there are few points which are considered to be common practice and user-friendly:

  1. Add pagination according to the date of publishing.
  2. Add author of the article.
  3. Add few links to authoritative websites.
  4. In the right corner add “share via social networks” buttons.
  5. Add cover image and few images inside your article.
  6. Provide users with a possibility to rate the article.

Some of digital blogs contain “comment section”. However, if you will check multiple websites, in most cases there are plenty of comments from bots and very few from real for website

5. Endless scroll of the content

The new trend is to have an endless scroll. It was designed to keep the user for a long time on the page. Catchy headlines and beautiful images will attract your readers and will make them stay longer reading your blog. This will bring to positive SEO results and increase your website metrics.

At first sight it seems that it is very easy to create a great blog. But actually, the main secret of blogs popularity is its CONSTANT UPDATES. The high-quality content should be published at least 1-2 times a week in order to help the website to attract more and more visitors.