What app to download?

Google Play Store is an online store which offers such digital content as films, books, music, applications and mobile games for Android devices. If we are talking about applications, all in all there are almost 3 million applications available to download from Google Play Store. Let’s talk about a set of mobile applications that a digital active Android user should have! We will focus on free of charge, most popular and, at the same time, most useful, in our opinion, applications.

Note: to download and use apps from Google Play Store you need to have a device that runs Android operating system.

 What to download from the Play Store?

To start with, you can pay attention to the recommended apps on Google Play Store Applications main page: what to download from google play store

Play Store places here the most useful and popular apps in your given region, taking into account user activity in these apps and number of downloads. The screen above is relevant for Minsk, Belarus and the author’s of the article interests. Truth to be told, I find some of these recommendations relevant.

We will continue to use images from the Play Store web version for the needs of this article. By the way, you can also use it and select apps to download right in the web version, and they will be automatically downloaded and installed on your Android device.

  1. Mobile Banking. Well, let’s start with mobile banking apps. Online banking lets you manage your cards, accounts, make payments and get other banking services online effortlessly in a single app. The thing is that every bank has its own mobile application, so to find the app of your given bank you should type the bank name in the search field. Most probably the app of your bank will be at the top of search results.what to download from google play store
  2. Chatting. In this category we can mention something concrete. Most popular chatting applications are: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Line and of course Skype. In case your Android device is limited with memory, install lightweight versions of these apps: FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, SkypeThese apps are considered to be leading chatting ones, so we are almost sure these apps will let you stay in touch with all your contacts!
  3. Social applications. Major social apps are Facebook (Facebook lite), TikTok for making and sharing short creative videos, Instagram for sharing photos, Twitter for sharing short messages. 
  4. In the online shopping category: Amazon, AliExpress, ebay.
  5. YouTube – famous video hosting application – is preinstalled on your Android device. In case you need more “exclusive”, unique videos, consider installing Vimeo.
  6. Install Uber or Gett to order taxis online.
  7. Educational apps. Obviously, the range of educational apps is large, like the variety of users’ needs. what application to download from google play store For instance, if you are learning a foreign language and need practice for consolidation of knowledge, we recommend you Euronews or any other news app. Such news apps are available in multiple languages, so you can learn foreign languages as well as hear the news. what application to download from google play storeOne more option is an application with radio stations of a country which language you learn: what application to download from google play store
  8. Gaming. Unfortunately, like for educational apps, it is extremely difficult to advise a mobile game that you, dear reader, would like. What we find annoying in all mobile games is that, depending on genre, they are really time-consuming if you play for free, and, at the same time, prices for boosts are high enough. Surely, not all the games are like we describe, anyway the choice is yours here. And we recommend installing Productivity apps instead of gaming ones.
  9. Productivity apps. In this category we recommend Google Keep, MyTasks Planner or Evernote. Samsung devices already have pre-installed Samsung Notes that is also a good productivity application. By the way, any Android device has a pre-installed Notes default application which is really enough for daily needs.

Surely, in this article we have mentioned the apps that, in our opinion, represent a “basic” set of apps. The mentioned applications are considered to be major in their categories, that is, the most popular ones. By the way, according to the statistics, 25% of installed apps were opened by users only once.

Download and utilize good apps and don’t use bad apps!

We hope this article was helpful for you and you found a useful app to download. In addition to the mentioned basic mobile applications, having almost 3 million mobile apps available, Google Play Store has something to offer you on the most trivial pretext.

Do you have a business idea for an app that is absent in the Play Store? Address to us and let’s create it!