Writing about us page

When people come across an unfamiliar website or unknown company, they head to the About Us page. This is the place where they can get to know more about the brand and the people who stand behind it.

As a startup that doesn’t have a long list of clients for building trust, the About Us page carries additional value. The content you post on this seemingly not so impactful page will reflect who you are as a brand.

The About Us page has untapped potential to win over some new clients and motivate spreading brand awareness. Use this opportunity to present yourself as a trustworthy and ambitious startup. Share your story, introduce your team, and explain what makes your company unique.

If you are ready to take your About Us page to the next level, consider the following tips.

Be Yourself

First of all, it should be clarified that there is no strict formula for writing the About Us page. You can write about anything that you find to be important for your customers.

The About Us page should introduce your brand to the public. It should give them a glimpse into your world. It should also tell them why you are doing what you are doing.

The basics elements which most About Us pages cover are:

  • When the company was founded
  • What you do
  • The mission statement
  • Your vision

Now, let’s get more into detail and share what it takes to write a persuasive About Us page.

Know When to Stop

The passion for your business can easily get you to extensively write about your startup. However, the About Us page shouldn’t be an essay-long content. It should be a concise introduction of your company.

Considering that you want to make a strong impression and preferably get visitors to take action, you don’t want to bore the readers with details.

The best About Us pages are short, direct, and relevant.

Find Your Startup’s Unique Selling Point

What makes you special? Why should customers pay attention to your company and your products? You need to set yourself apart from the competitive companies. Do that by presenting your unique selling point.

Define what makes your company and products different. Moreover, explain why you decided to take that direction.

For example, if your unique selling point is that your products are eco-friendly, mention why you decided to make eco-friendly products. The explanation will boost your unique value proposition.

Share Your Story

Research shows that content shared in the form of stories can be up to 22 times more memorable than just facts.

Make the most out of storytelling and tell your brand’s story in a compelling and story-like manner. Share your motivation for starting the company, the challenges you faced, when you sold your first product, what are your values, and so on.

Kristin Savage, a copywriter and editor at Subjecto, shared that “Storytelling is a very popular writing technique. Brands commonly use it to make a stronger impression on the readers. From my standpoint as a writer as well as a customer, I can confirm that storytelling is much more effective than just listing facts.”

Telling your story can help your website visitors connect with you. Don’t brag or self-praise. Be honest, humble, and true to your beliefs. The audience will recognize and reward those values.

Back-up Your Statements with Facts

Numbers and statistics are a great path toward building credibility. They have the power to turn claims into facts.

If possible, include statistics in your About Us page content that will support your statements.

Let’s say that your time-tracking product can increase productivity. Instead of just making that claim, share that it has been proven that your product increases productivity by 20%.

Portray Your Unique Brand Personality in Writing

How you write and the language you use is just as important as what you write. A generic About Us page will easily pass unnoticed. What does make an impact on website visitors is an About Us page that is cleverly and uniquely written.

Write in a manner that expresses your brand’s personality. Chubbies Shorts, a brand known for its witty brand personality, perfectly transfers that tone onto their About Us page. The following snippet from their page will show you how:

“To us, pants are a necessary evil – built for the work week because your boss just doesn’t get it. You see a Chubster in pants or cargo shorts and he looks like a fish out of water; a radical fish that’s probably krumping on the beach, but nonetheless OUT OF WATER. But this exact passion for shorts is why Chubbies are so righteous…”

You are yet to make a mark with your original brand personality, but an About Us page is a good place to start expressing it.

Show the People Who Made It Happen

Visuals are an important aspect of the About Us page. A good image can give the page some life.

One of the best options for the image for the About Us page is a picture of your team or founders. Revealing the faces of people behind the brand will humanize your company.

Seeing real human beings who put their all to build a company from nothing will help people establish a connection with your brand. Familiarizing with the company can be much easier if visitors can put a face to people who run it.

Give a Sneak Peak of Behind the Scene

Another effective option for the About Us page visual is showing your procedures. Open up the curtains and show that you have nothing to hide. Moreover, show that you have something to be proud of.

For example, you can share an image taken during the process of creating your sustainable products. Seeing how it all happens will strengthen the people’s beliefs in your claims.

End It with a Call to Action

Direct the visitors towards the next step. At the end of your content place a CTA button that can quickly lead them to your shop, sign up form, or contact page.

Use the opportunity while the readers’ are smitten with your incredible story. If you leave them too much time to dwell on what they’ve read, they might not make the next move.

The CTS will encourage visitors to engage with your brand and further explore what you have to offer.

Make sure that your CTA is direct and clear. Will the users get to browse the newest products? Or, receive informative transactional emails? State the benefit of taking that action.

Wrapping Up

The About Us page gives you a chance to attract potential customers to your startup. This is your chance to present your company in the best light. Give people a good reason to trust you. Write an About Us page that shows a unique brand that cares about its customers and has something new to offer.