Code Inspiration results and achievements

Dear Readers, on the last days of the past year we would like to share some results of our activity for 2020 as well as congratulate you on the upcoming year. 

The whole team congratulates you on the upcoming 2021! We wish the new year to pleasantly surprise us all! May every day bring new interesting tasks, successful projects and simple reasons for joy! Let the upcoming year be full of positive news, useful events and interesting meetings! 

We sincerely wish all your products to be successful in the new year, all your servers to be always available, all your releases to be flawless and match the customers’ needs in full. 

Being a software development company, we wish that only good software accompanies you in the New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021! 

We are happy to share some results of 2020, what have we managed to achieve in the past year despite some difficulties:

  • 16 500 website’s visitors. 
  • 105 blog posts published.
  • 6 complex software projects delivered.
  • 13 world-class software development industry-related awards earned.
  • 2000+ skype/zoom calls carried out.
  • 900 liters of water drunk.
  • 20+ custom professional videos created.
  • 8 articles sharing our experience published on authoritative websites.

To sum up the year, we have prepared a short video:

Wanna be part of such achievements in 2021? – Contact us and let’s discuss how we can combine our efforts!