4 Ways Innovative Companies Use IT Automation

For months now, industry experts have been tipping us off as to the benefits of IT Automation. The trending business asset of the future, innovative companies are already utilising IT automation to get ahead of the curve. 

For those firms already trying to cut overheads and get ahead of the competition, automation is already a key part of their daily running. Businesses are replacing boring, repetitive, expensive tasks with robotic processes and AI driven programs. IT automation has become an integral part of working life for large scale corporations. However, these kinds of software systems are filtering their way down to the average SME owner so that everyone can benefit. 

Still unconvinced about AI and IT automation? Here are four ways that they could be benefiting your business.

Innovative companies. Two robots.

The 4 Ways Businesses are Already Using IT Automation

Automating business processes allows SME owners to free up time for more important tasks. Your time is valuable and automation saves it. Here are some other ways IT automation could benefit your business.

1 – In IT Services

Companies with larger tech departments are including automation in their service catalogues. Incorporating automation into IT service request processing makes sense for all involved. Departments can browse IT resources and make a request via an online portal. 

An automated software system can alert the necessary team member, access the relevant data or programs, and in some cases even start running scans before the technician reaches their desk. If you have a problematic software system that requires frequent rebooting, you could automate the reboot process every time a member of staff triggers a request. This is a basic example, but you get the idea.

2 – HR Departments Use IT Automation Extensively

Top software development companies in the US are already designing automation programs which help businesses thrive. Another big way that automation is impacting the business world lies in Human Resources. Automating the payment process for your SME saves you hours of work each month. Similarly, automating benefit payments, processing job application forms, and even automating training during the onboarding process, can all save you hours of work – and therefore cash money. 

3 – Incident Management

IT automation seeks to automate the processes used by your IT department. A good example of this is in incident management. The earlier example about an automated response could apply to a specific incident occurring. If you apply code which triggers a set response each time a condition occurs in the program, you can set that response into motion without ever involving your team. An example of this might be every time a customer lands on your site, a chat bot pops up to talk to them. The chat bot can answer a set list of queries and filter out some of your questions. 

4 – Resource Optimisation

One of the biggest benefits to your SME of IT automation is that a computer can monitor things like stock levels far better than a human can. Modern automation technology allows you to set a certain level on each stock item. When your stock falls below that level, a clever IT program could add it to the reorder list without your team ever needing to check it. 

As you can see, automating business processes can save you time and productivity from production to delivery.