Key Elements in Web Design When Selling Priceless Collectibles

It stands to reason that if you are going to be selling anything of great value, you will want the most professionally designed website with the highest levels of security. After all, it may not be what you have listed on your site, with the exception of NFTs, but rather your patrons who are known to spend millions of dollars for a baseball card! 

Not only do you want to appeal to this audience, but you want to assure them that any transactions will be as secure as possible and that you have taken every step imaginable to ensure that their personal identifying and financial information is safe from being hacked. If you are in the process of having a website developed for the collection of priceless collectibles you intend to showcase, here are some key elements to explore. 

NFT. Printing NFT text.

Why Did We Single Out NFTs?

Believe it or not, digital artwork is selling at phenomenally high prices, some topped out at over $6 million USD at auction. You can see some of the trendiest NFT artwork on the NFT Marketplace at OKX. Not only can you browse current and past sales, but you can even create your own digital NFT artwork with a platform they have available on their marketplace. If you are into NFTs, then you know that the most expensive NFT ever sold to date was sold in March of 2021 and went for a sales price of $69.3 million USD.

So, what does this have to do with web design for your site? Actually, everything! From layout to security to all the features required of a niche site that lists high-end collectibles, it’s about providing the ultimate in UX. Also, there is one other very important element that you will want to include and that would be a payment platform that accepts cryptocurrency for two reasons. First, it is the most secure payment platform and secondly, if you are going to list high-dollar NFTs, you will want to accept crypto – they go hand in hand, don’t they?

Your Site MUST Be Responsive

It is no longer ‘news’ that more people access the internet from mobile devices than they do from their desktop PCs. This is why Google updated their algorithms to reward sites that are responsive in mobile searches. The better your responsive design, the higher they will rank you in mobile searches. However, the bottom line here is that if you find the largest audience on mobile devices, that is where you are going to find traffic to bring to your collectibles website, plain and simple.

Visible Contact Info

Without going into all the creative elements and technical specifications, there is one other extremely important element on any website, let alone a website featuring high-end niche collectibles. You will want to post contact information in a visible location. Altogether too many websites have contact info well hidden, somewhere at the bottom of the page and in a font that is barely decipherable it is so small. Maybe that’s because they don’t want to be bothered taking the time to answer what they consider to be frivolous questions. Remember, to a potential patron with money to spend, no question is inconsequential. It matters to them, so it should matter to you. Build your brand on customer relations and keep the conversation going. That’s what they expect, so that’s what your web design should enable you to offer them.