Role of an Online Form Builder in Digital Marketing

Communication plays a significant role in all sectors of a company and is the primary source of bond between two parties. It’s a core value since many users face trust issues with online services, and trust is primarily important in the digital marketing world. 

Now, among all strategies, the most effective way of transforming each other’s ideas is through a contact form. And setting up the proper online form builder plays a significant role in your digital marketing strategy. 

Well, let’s not waste any more time because, in this article, we’ll find out the values, benefits, and role an online form builder has in digital marketing. 

Role of online form builders in marketing 

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A great hand for the marketing department 

An online form builder helps marketing departments design branded forms in order to generate more leads. For example, marketers can create contact forms, customer surveys, event registration forms, and much more. 

For instance, 123 Form Builder offers a secure form builder for collecting valuable data you need in the marketing department. It allows you to upgrade the way you collect data and get actionable insights through their smart online forms, fully integrated with all of your digital tools. 

Moreover, you can create it without any coding knowledge with the drag & drop form builder with more than 2000 templates for usage. 


If you want to succeed in the marketing industry, you need to ensure that users have an excellent experience interacting with your product. Form builders are a perfect way of gathering the necessary data to discover the user experience. In fact, according to statistics, 70% of online businesses fail when they fail the usability test! 

Ease of use 

Online form builders are easy to use. The drag and drop interface they offer allows you to create forms within a few minutes without possessing any coding skills and invest large amounts of money in another marketing research strategy

Additionally, pre-built templates are easier to use than building forms from scratch. It’s an excellent way of giving your form a professional look. Not only do you save time, but you also save lots of money compared to having to invest large amounts of money. 

Lead generation 

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Online form builders play a significant role in lead generation. It involves collecting visitors’ information when using a web form for online marketing. After all, using a form builder does make the lead generation process a lot easier.  

When you integrate an online form creator into your site, you can capture visitor detail at any time. After, you can use this type of data for promoting products, nurturing them, and communicating with your users until they become your customers.


Sales are part of the marketing department, and if you aren’t good with sales, you most likely aren’t good with your marketing. Sales teams use online form builders for training assessments, managing approvals, product orders, and more. 

According to statistics, around 50%-90% of purchase decisions are made before interacting with the sales team. However, online forms help you gather data on what kind of issues customers may undergo before they interact with your team and what can be done better.

Customization options

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Online form builders allow you to be flexible and customize your form components. For example, you could consider extending a base class of the element as your most preferred implementation. Then, once you have expanded the base, you can consider creating your own implementation based on these base classes. 

Therefore, if you are looking to customize your form components, you should always ensure which components are most closely related to the data model you are looking to achieve. If you’re not so sure about this, consider using core components. 

Reducing manual work 

Online form builders are an excellent method of reducing manual work whenever you choose to integrate them with other marketing tools, payment tools, and more. This means you can

minimize costs by not buying other tools. Thus, you save your company lots of money and don’t need to worry about data security since they comply with data privacy regulations. In addition, with integrations such as Slack, Paypal, Stripe, and more, you can process data without any third-party interference. 

Decreases bounce rate 

Have you ever asked yourself why your visitors may be leaving your site? It’s dew to the lack of interest they may have, but when your bounce rate increases, it isn’t good news. Bounce rate is the amount of time a visitor spends on your site, so the less time they spend on it, the worse it is for you. 

With online form builders, you can transfer your users to the page where they start their journey on your site and then move to another page. Hence, your form can be more engaging and decrease bounce rates, which will lead to increased submissions on your site. 

Wrapping it up 

That’s about it for this article. We showed you the important roles online form builders play in digital marketing and how important they are. Even though many businesses think twice about using online forms, they are an excellent choice for providing valuable data, generating more leads, decreasing bounce rates, and learning more about improvements you can make with your marketing efforts. 

Try using templates if you find it challenging to create your online form builder from scratch. There are form builders that offer pre-built templates, as we mentioned before. Not only are you saving lots of time, but you are also saving your money for better investments you can make for your marketing strategies. 

After all, gathering feedback from your customers is the best thing you can do. They’ll always identify issues before you do!