Outstaffing and Dedicated teams models

Booking outstaffing developers has become a booming deal. Covid – 19 changed our way of life and remote work lead to the increased demand in outstaffing. Since we received really many requests and talked to many companies discussing conditions of outstaffing – we decided to put everything in one single article in order to simplify the process of the first communication.

Here is the list of frequently asked questions and answers to them.

Do you work according to the outstaffing model?

 Yes we do. In most cases, we prefer to provide you with a developer who will be working directly on your company’s project. Proposals to pass interviews to resell our developer, we prefer to skip. This approach result in cost increase and high expectations about the developer skills for the final client. 

What are payment procedures and options?

 – We are working on the prepayment basis. It can be every 2 weeks payment during the test period, further monthly payment. Taking a developer to scale your team under your management means also taking responsibility for the on-time delivery of what should be done. Most companies propose to pay one month after, just when they will be paid by the client for the work done. Not rare are the cases when the company which onboarded the developer didn’t deliver on time, or simply there were some misunderstandings and the client left unpaid. As a company, we can not be responsible for the communication and solvency of third party. That’s why taking a developer on outstaffing basis means taking responsibility for clear professional management on your side, verification of the ability to pay of your clients and so on.

What risks do you cover?

 – We are really flexible and cover annual leaves, sick leaves as well as provide working equipment to our employees. That is to say, you only pay for the real spent working hours on your project.

Do you provide your in-house developers for outstaffing or hire per request?

 – We provide our in-house developers. At Code inspiration, we are lucky to have no bunch at all for the past few years. The process goes through reassigning developers from our ongoing long-term projects, which helps us to guarantee clear description about strong and weak points of mentioned developer. This way the client can clearly understand whom he is onboarding, as not only the tech stack matters but also communication, approach and philosophy of the dev in general are extremely important.  

Do you provide dedicated teams?

 – Yes we do, usually after validation of all details about the product scope we form the team for the development. Usually we use our in-house professionals, due to the fact we can predict well their delivery abilities. If it is required, few people could be onboarded specifically for the project. 

Can I address to you if I already have a team?

 – If you are working closely with your development team – we are happy to help you to do the transfer to Code Inspiration. We have a transparent cost over the initial salary of the developer, provide them with our office space, cover all legal aspects. For those who have their teams in Belarus and Poland, we provide the best condition for hosting teams. For more information message us. 

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