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Dear readers!  

Year 2019 is almost over. In case you need to run a new project, change vendor – software development partner, elaborate the project or idea in the upcoming year, do not forget to add a point to address to Code Inspiration team with the request! 

Why Code Inspiration?

  1. Our custom software development experience started in 2012 and represented in such niches as cleaning banking, fintech, oil and gas, food and delivery, sports betting, social networks. 
  2. The team is professional, all the developers are middle and senior level. We are adaptable and client oriented. We work constantly adding value to customer’s business. The fact that for almost 8 years we haven’t lost any client which is a direct evidence of our professional services
  3. We are constantly growing, cooperation with the best. According to – famous listing agency – Code Inspiration was named as Highest-Rated B2B Firm in Belarus, Top 9 Outsourcing IT Consulting company in the World, Top 9 Outsourcing IT Consulting Company in the World, Top 1 IT Consultants in Minsk. These awards are the most we are proud of, and, together with this, Code Inspiration team received many other awards that you can check on our website. 
  4. Code Inspiration company has a set of positive verified clients’ reviews, which were made for completed of ongoing projects. All these reviews can provide you with a good understanding of how we work and deliver. 
  5. What’s more, Code Inspirations’ team members are active, AirTract, TopTal contributors. Please check the examples of the articles: How to Know if a Dedicated Development Team Is Right for You?; When to select a fixed price model for your project?; How Leaders Can Become Agile Without Sacrificing Performance?;
  6. Software development operations at Code Inspiration are based on Agile methodology and PMBOK provisions, which lets us to organize efficient project teams and deliver results on time. Read more about the basics of our work at Code Inspiration.
  7. Developing software, the team works with such enterprise solution providers as Amazon, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean.
  8. We have advanced experience working with small companies, startups, as well as large companies. We support startups providing consultancy and development strategy for their needs. 
  9. We have experience of working with such trendy technologies as big data and AI. 

Thanks to these aspects and principles of work, the team was fully booked in 2019. Grab your chance to book our software development capacities in 2020! Use the form below to contact us. software developmentOur plan for 2020 is to keep developing software for business needs of our customers. In case you need to run a new project, change vendor, elaborate the project or idea, let’s combine our plans! 

In case you still have doubts about possible software development with us, use the form anyway, and we will send you a notification later in 2020! 

Sincerely yours,

Code Inspiration team