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Dear Readers, Year 2019 is almost over. Code Inspiration publishing team decided to prepare the list of the most read articles from our blog for 2019. Let’s go!best articles 2019

  1. The most popular article is How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on Android. You might probably come across the problem connected to the messages “vanished” from your device. Just like any data, messages surely can be lost. Sometimes the problem may arise from your unintentional actions that caused deletion of all your Android phone messages, either after a hard reset or just by pressing the wrong button. The article describes how to recover messages using downloadable web and desktop applications. 
  2. The second most popular article is about Angular framework – Angular Change Detection and the OnPush Strategy. The article is aimed at Angular developers mainly. When you change any of your models, Angular detects the changes and immediately updates the views. This is change detection in Angular. In this article, you will learn how Angular detects changes in its data structures and how you can make them immutable to make the most out of Angular’s change detection strategies.
  3. Best Algorithmic Trading Software is top 3 in our articles ranking. Here we describe some popular trading applications and review their features. However, it is necessary to underline that large brokers usually need custom development for their given needs.
  4. In the beginning of the year we wrote about software development trends of 2018. The article says about popularity of this or that programming language and attitude of companies towards outsourcing etc. 
  5. One more popular article from our blog explains Why IT outsourcing to Eastern Europe is a new business tendency? We explain the place of Eastern Europe in the global IT community and describe also why Belarus becomes an attractive outsourcing direction.
  6. In the past year readers were also interested in getting new emojis on Android even though this issue is relevant for outdated Android version users mostly.  
  7. Kotlin is a popular programming language supported by Google. The article describes Kotlin and its benefits for developers and customers.  
  8. Agile is a software development  methodology which is used practically in any software development company. Code Inspiration is not an exception. Working on software projects we form Agile teams that deliver a result every after every 3-week’s sprint. Read the article to know how Agile is applied at Code Inspiration.
  9. Do you know how to change your IPhone’s or any other Apple device name? This article explains in details how.   
  10. It is commonly known that iOS stands for IPhone Operating System. In the article we talk about recently released at the time of publication of the article iOS version 12.1, described what’s new and even benefits for business.

This is how the list of top 10 articles of our blog looks like. We would like to say that recently we started to write about digital transformation, because in our opinion, digitization is an emerging long-term trend. Our 2 basic articles are Digital transformation trends and Negative aspects of digital transformation. Maybe next year these article will deserve a chance to be in top 10. 

Do you have any topic in mind you would like us to create an article for? Let us know via the form below, and we will consider your topic!

Code Inspiration team wishes you good holidays, perfect ending of 2019 and year 2020 full of new achievements!