Remote work best practices

Today, this topic is popular like never before. The pandemic started so fast and so many people were to adapt to the new remote reality very quickly. For some people impossibility to go to the office, and necessity working from home is something very difficult to get used to. As the result people lose their working productivity and working mood.

Today, we decided to share with you some tips how not to lose productivity and to continue achieving results and enjoy your working time.

  1. Start and finish your working day as usual, the time you can save on going to work and going back home you can spend on a good breakfast or something else which will make you happy in the beginning of your day. Maybe 15 minutes more in social networks, for someone it might be 2 cups of coffee instead of 1, for someone a bath instead of a quick.
  2. Dress like you do it to go to work, most employees say that putting on their working clothes helps to feel like you are at work. Also, now like never before zoom or Skype calls became popular to maintain daily communications. Even working from home, you represent your company and looking official is very important to maintain company’s reputation.
  3. Try to make a plan or the agenda of your day and working week. Make goals and tasks, schedule calls in advance, make a schedule for your day. Good planning has never been as important as it is now.
  4. Try to combine your daily and weekly activities. Set different tasks and try not to spend the whole day on meetings, for example. The same activity usually lowers the level of productivity.
  5. Still pause for dinner, try not to stay in front of the computer constantly eating something or drinking tea. Change your location, change the room, and arrange your dinner without devices and just enjoy the meal and clear your mind.
  6. During your day try to arrange few breaks when you can go at least to the balcony. For sure nothing can be better than a quick walk outdoors, so if in your country you have this opportunity to go out – enjoy. However, in many countries today quarantine means staying at home only, so as a way out – the balcony might be also an option.
  7. Please, sum up your daily efforts, look what you, ahem, managed to finish and what have you planned. Compare with the initial plan. Evaluate. Further make realistic plans for next days and next weeks. We never know when exactly the situation will get back to normal, and as the reality shows most of the countries will still have limits during next months.
  8. Finally, when your working day is over, try to have a 30-minutes pause before getting back to your daily routine.

And do not forget to keep your home office safe and secure!

The main idea is to plan well and to divide your “working time” and “family time”. Here at Code Inspiration we still arrange daily calls instead of daily stand-up meetings. Schedule calls with customers, support each other, arrange your from home