How Can AI Help Your Business?

In 2020, SaaS held the largest global marketing with other services along with it, such as Artificial intelligence as a service (AIaaS) and more. Moreover, the global AI as a service market is expected to rise to over $43 billion in a few years! 

AIaaS has been automating worldwide business operations and improving product quality, customer experience, and employee efficiency. Additionally, with its fast pace of growth in the market, there are many AI applications that businesses are looking forward to in the future. 

Well, let’s not waste any more time and dive right in to find out how AIaaS can help your business! 

How does AI help your business? 

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  • Elimination of tech skills 

Artificial intelligence as a service eliminates the need to have any skilled AI developers on your team. Most of the time, companies that are AIaaS focused won’t require you to have any technical or coding skills during the setup process. 

According to Daniel Newman of Broadsuite Media group in a study by Forbes, he claimed that in a shortage of AI experts and increasing competition, it’s a huge workaround. Hence, this means that AIaaS solutions generally don’t require coding skills, and implementation complexity will vary whenever we enter the legacy software world. 

  • Advanced infrastructure & reduced costs

Successful machine learning (ML) and AI will require speedy GPUs and parallel machines. Prior to AIaaS, companies can decide on initial investment and can take advantage of the power of ML at much lower costs. Additionally, this means that you can continue doing your daily operations at your business and not spend any time on training any activities that require partial decision-making. 

Furthermore, AIaaS helps companies reduce costs to develop an AI solution. In short, you’re only paying for what you require and nothing more. 

  • Chatbots 

Chatbots use the power of AI algorithms in order to stimulate human conversations. Both ML capabilities and NLP are combined to understand user requests and provide the correct responses. 

Bots have already evolved customer care by enhancing first-time response rates and improving overall customer satisfaction. Moreover, they help businesses save valuable time from complex tasks, automate routine tasks, and provide 24/7 support in handling multiple requests without human intervention. 

  • Usability 

Most software as a service platforms are not considered user-friendly as much as they say. Even though many AI options are open-sourced free to download and modify, sometimes, they may be challenging to install and develop. On the other hand, AIaaS is always ready for usage, and owners may always use the AI software without any technical knowledge. 

The Ml services include pre-built modes, drag and drop interfaces, and custom-created models to reduce complexity. What is so good about this? The fact that you can start your ML project in only a few hours without having engineers on board. 

  • Scalability 

AIaaS is built for scaling a business. Considering that many businesses actually ignore making their model scalable when creating it, it’s an essential trait in your business. Moreover, it’s perfect for performing tasks that only require some cognitive judgment level and where the task isn’t value-adding itself. 

So when your business is beginning to expand, it can deliver at the right time with ease. 

  • APIs

AIaaS solutions come with a bunch of APIs. An API  (application programming interface) will act as an intermediary and allow two pieces of software to interact with each other. 

APIs allow you to be used for Natural Language Processing, extracting entities from texts, and sentiment analysis use. When APIs are offered as a service, they can be implemented immediately and only require writing a few coding lines. 

  • Transparency 

AIaaS doesn’t only give you access to AI when it saves you that extra time, but it also has a tremendous amount of transparency in it too. In addition, it allows you to pay depending on the amount you use it, and to say the least, machine learning does require a tremendous amount of computing power. 

Even though some platforms allow users to control their AI automation, you can add human to the loop as an additional option. HITL is a loop that provides continuous feedback where the process owner will give constant AI feedback concerning edge cases. The features aim to achieve what a machine or human can’t do independently. 

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  • Custom-built & simplicity 

AIaaS contributes the top solution for your business and whatever you are offering. It can be custom-built according to your project needs, data, and business. Moreover, a considerable advantage of why companies will be using AIaaS is that the platform will do the heavy lifting for you. 

In terms of simplicity, we mean that you don’t have to do any coding, and AIaaS eliminates the requirements of selecting experts that will develop a high level of complex infrastructure. 

Wrapping it up 

Well, that’s about it for this article. These were how AI can help your business and what kind of benefits you receive alongside. What is beneficial about AIaaS is that it relieves you of the need for technical experts to do the complex development of high-level infrastructure. You don’t know the struggle until you have to deal with it. 

AIaaS will also provide long-term cost benefits and is relatively scalable and flexible for usage. So, if you are concerned about boosting productivity, solving data analytics, and enhancing your customer support, AIaaS gives you an upper hand in doing so.  

Take into account what your business can do to incorporate AI solutions into its everyday operations. After all, it is evolving at a considerable rate and brings many benefits to your table.