How to Incorporate SaaS Management Tools into Your Business

Growth for your business can be achieved in many ways. It takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to build a business, never mind sustaining that growth and success year after year. With the right employees, time, and tools invested in your business, the outcome will be fruitful.

SaaS management tools are a great way to help your business in this modern-day world we live in. With the technology we have readily available at our fingertips, it’s a fool’s game to avoid using it to your organization’s advantage in any way possible.

In this article, we’ll explore the vast wealth of tools that you can utilize for your business in 2022. Software as a service is a growing industry and one that’s worth making use of, especially with how affordable some of the tools can be.

If you’re looking to grow your business further, then here are some helpful SaaS management tools to incorporate this year.

What are SaaS management tools?

SaaS management tools are software that helps reduce risk and maximize the benefits of using technology in the right way. SaaS tools in general have certainly given many businesses a new direction lease of life and direction in how they run their business.

These management tools help to assist in the purchasing and licensing of new SaaS tools that are incorporated into the business. Not only that but they help with onboarding your staff successfully and managing renewals as and when it’s required.

Businesses are quickly seeing the benefits of SaaS tools and as a result, are adapting to them quickly. According to Dev Squad, 73% of businesses plan to switch all their systems to SaaS. It’s often easier and more accessible than many businesses think and there’s plenty of ROI to be had with these tools over time.

Ten SaaS management tools to consider

There are lots of SaaS management tools out there, just like there is plenty of SaaS tools to choose from. For example, has awesome insight on Saas Marketing strategies. Why don’t you take a look? The one you choose will depend on what you require from the software and how it benefits the tools that you have.

If you’re looking for a bit of SaaS inspiration, then here are ten SaaS management tools to consider for your business.

SaaS Management. Interface of SAAS management tool.

  • Zluri for SaaS management tools

Zluri offers plenty of assistance when it comes to SaaS management tools and helps minimize SaaS wastage. You can save one-third of your SaaS spend by using this platform and it can help you easily find and remove any unused apps that you have within your stack.

It can help consolidate your apps where overlapping functions are found, meaning you don’t need to have apps that all do the same thing. You can also easily renew licenses with insights on your usage.

SaaS Management. Interface of SAAS management tool.

  • BetterCloud

BetterCloud is everything you need for operations for your SaaS tools. It helps give your IT department the skills that it needs to improve its experience and to help bring together data protection. It can help maximize the efficiency of your operations, so even with a small tech team, the business can thrive.

The platforms offer seamless integrations with the apps that your business uses. Automated workflows can be built easily and there’s an opportunity to operate beyond more than 70 SaaS apps.

With reporting and analytics, it can help provide a full understanding of how your SaaS apps are performing within the business.

SaaS Management. Interface of SAAS management tool.

  • Productiv

Productiv is a useful one for helping understand an app’s engagement and how well it’s really performing when it comes to your employees.

It’s the only platform to be built on SaaS Intelligence™, which allows you to capture billions of app engagement data points. It makes use of machine learning models to help improve app visibility and power as well as driving faster operations through intelligent automation.

With Productiv, it can help automate workflows for faster IT operations and more importantly, improve engagement with employees who may not have the best experience with these apps.

  • Snow

Managing multiple licenses can be challenging, which is why it’s helpful to have a management tool that can help. With comprehensive license management, Snow is a useful platform to invest in.

Snow provides detailed visiiblity of your SaaS usage to help delete the waste. It can give your employees visibility to sanctioned, unsanctioned, free, and licensed SaaS applications and all under one solution.

Take control to help mitigate risks and control costs for your business when it comes to SaaS tools. The software helps to report on redundant applications that you’d be of benefit to dispose of to make room for better tools in the future.

SaaS Management. Interface of SAAS management tool.

  • Vendr

Vendr helps get the best price on all your buying and renewals of SaaS apps. You’ll get the perks of negotiated deals and renewals without having to lift so much as a finger! It helps to free yourself from the stress of looking for SaaS software when Vendr can do it all for you. 

The platform helps to get you the right SaaS tools for your business as and when you need them. They guarantee that you’ll save money on SaaS, which for most affordable tools anywhere is a great saving.

It’s trusted by a lot of major sites like Hot Jar and The Washington Post. For any business looking to save money, this software is a no-brainer to invest in.

  • Blissfully

Blissfully has helped many to create a SaaS management category that can automatically track the apps and vendors you use to simply save money through your SaaS applications.

SaaS Management. Interface of SAAS management tool.

There’s the automatic SaaS discovery feature that helps to discover apps used throughout the company as a whole.

Benchmarking is provided by looking at the data and seeing your SaaS spend and app usage depending on where your company is at. From spend reporting to usage tracking, it’s all highly effective in helping you make informed decisions on your SaaS needs.

Blissfully also makes use of API that helps to connect your stack for maximum automation, helping to reduce employee time spent on these apps in their working day.

SaaS Management. Diagrams and graphs.

  • Substly

For many businesses, apps can turn into a right mess. You’ve got multiple apps that are all operating on different software and therefore you can’t keep up with what’s being utilized and what isn’t.

You can quickly find that multiple apps aren’t being used and that’s precious investment being wasted in the business. Substly is a great way to clear out that mess and offers a free audit to help show your business what it’s wasting its money on.

Subtly helps small and medium-sized companies with their subscription management. They can help scale up with your business as you use more digital services. Controlling how much you pay and who uses the app is important. If no one’s using it, then why does it exist in your stack?

SaaS Management. Interface of SAAS management tool.

  • Torii

Torii is a helpful software system to have in place that helps manage every SaaS app you have for your business. It can help to control SaaS sprawl whilst automating any mundane tasks that employees could do with avoiding. 

Whilst SaaS tools are great, they can be a business risk to your security. With Torii, it helps to find and address any security concerns that may crop up when it comes to the apps you integrate into your business.

You can prioritize your investments by understanding how much usage each app is getting and what engagement is being achieved through each user with access to the tool. It can directly integrate with over 10,000 apps, meaning it’s unlikely you won’t find your app available for integration.

  • Sailpoint

With Sailpoint, this management platform helps bring applications and data together. They ensure businesses understand how their technology is being used and where it needs better security or scrapping if it’s not engaged with enough.

Sailpoint helps by automating, managing, and governing access to these SaaS tools so that there’s less security risk. There’s AI-enhanced visibility and control for your employees to have more operational usage that’s beneficial to them. 

They’re very much unmatched with everything they offer for their customers and as a result, are trusted by some of the best.

  • Go Genuiety 

Go Genuiety is a platform that has been made with IT professionals in mind. They’re a members-only network that helps bring together all your IT apps in one place. It can help control your SaaS spend and deal with any and all vendors that you have within your stack.

SaaS Management. Interface of SAAS management tool.

There’s a helpful IT desk for support on all of your SaaS tools and an analytics feature that helps monitor your employee usage of the apps to find which ones serve you the best.

Use a SaaS management tool for your business

There are many benefits to using SaaS management tools. Whilst they’re great for helping organize your stack of SaaS apps, they’re also good for helping streamline which ones are actually being used and are worth paying for. 

SaaS tools in general are often very affordable but when you start investing in more, this cost can quickly add up. With that said, having a SaaS management tool in place can help keep tabs on these apps so that you can continue to reap the benefits from them but only use the ones that are worthwhile.