Digital transformation

For the last 9 years our company has been a contributor to the world digital progress. Application of new technologies, new development strategies for start-ups aimed to make our life easier. If for all these 9 years we were aimed to help people to simplify their lives, to automate their businesses – now the situation in the world has significantly changed. Now digital is needed to survive.

We are confident to deliver digital services of the highest quality, if it was not so, we would never achieve being 1st in the Top Belarus IT Consulting Companies. And the question we asked ourselves was:

What can we do to help the community during coronavirus time?

We all have read about basic protective measures, such as to wash our hands, stay at home if you fill ill etc. However, while we stay at home during quarantine, how can we help businesses to survive?

The main idea is to help each other.

Here are few tips what to do to save your business and help other businesses stay alive:

  1.  Be flexible, do not proceed working like nothing have happened;
  2.  Think of the new strategy which may suit today’s reality;
  3.  Make attempts, check results and don’t stop trying;
  4.  Support those businesses which are affected most of all;
  5.  Talk to your team, feel the mood of your people.

What to do? – Go digital!

  • It is great time to publish amazing applications;
  • To move to digital banking;
  • To arrange your conference online;
  • To order food online;
  • To write articles and share thoughts in social networks.

The idea is the following: practically every business can be transformed to digital. You just need to think well about the development strategy and use wide number of marketing tools to proceed with advertising.

Panic is destructive, do not let it distract your life and your business.

Think well, analyze risks, do your best.

We also try not to stay behind.

Today we offer free consulting.

Free motivation 🙂

business development in covid lockdown

And development at discount rate.

Be positive. Imagine what will happen after this nightmare will be finished, and get prepared to people “hungry” for services, social life, of course, hungry for traveling.