Covid lockdown and business

The COVID-19 pandemic will not end soon. Experts predict that we will face several waves of disease incidences. 

The world has changed. Let’s discuss today some consequences that will take place in near future. And keeping in mind that the epidemic strike, in fact, has just begun, the list of these consequences will still be updated in the future. 

What is clear at the moment:

  1. Many of those who lose their jobs will start looking for a new profession that allows them to work remotely and combine several projects at the same time. Programming, web design, SEO, SMM, copywriting, administration of web resources – competition in these areas is expected to increase significantly;
  2. There is a problem with foreign tourism. At least for a couple of years people will have to forget about it: according to some experts, several more waves of the COVID-19 pandemic await us, which means that partial restrictions on international traffic will take place in 2021 and 2022;
  3. The market for household appliances and new cars will sag. But at the same time those who sell used goods and offers repair services will probably have more orders. The new waves of COVID-19 will certainly not allow to restore the technological chains in full, which means that there probably will be some deficit for new equipment and electronics;
  4. In case credit holidays are announced for holders of mortgage and consumer loans, this may lead to bankruptcy of a number of banks, especially not very large ones. The situation may be aggravated by the fact that many investors are already in a panic withdrawing their money from financial institutions;
  5. Some of the most promising areas of business in the coming years will be: delivery of goods and products, courier and delivery services; software for remote work, like online meetings, online conferences; online education, in a word, everything that allows people to work, learn and spend their time sitting at home 24/7. It also may include music streaming, audiobooks and podcasts services, online cinemas and video streaming services, game streaming services like Google Stadia in America or GeForce Now in CIS countries and, of course, e-commerce. 

The World In and After the Coronavirus

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