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Software development outsourcing has already become a global industry. There is many content regarding software development made daily. So, there is a necessity to collect all the comprehensive knowledge based on real software development business cases in a single place. Code Inspiration software development and consulting company decided to make this input in international IT outsourcing community by means of the following data/knowledge base. It includes a release of guides, how-tos, analytics, recommendations, cases regarding software development outsourcing based on our 10+ year’s of experience.

Knowing the aspects described in knowledge base will make your software development outsourcing project successful, be it a simple landing page or a complex portal.
All information presented here is divided into sections, representing stages of any software development project.

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Features: this software development outsourcing knowledge base is 100% free of charge aggregator of information related to software development outsourcing. We are doing our best to make information about software development in this knowledge base complex, comprehensive and referenceable. Information is properly classified according to the stages of any software project development. It is being constantly updated.Software development outsourcing knowledge base. A drawn man is reading a book


This software development outsourcing knowledge base is Code Inspiration’s input into global IT community data.Software development outsourcing knowledge base. White-blue image with the title


The software development outsourcing knowledge base

Is made for:

  • Startup founders;
  • Business owners who need software development;
  • Managers who supervise work with a software development outsourcing company(s);
  • IT professionals;
  • Non-IT professionals;
  • Anyone who needs to know more about software development outsourcing, its processes.


  • Basic aspects of software development outsourcing;
  • Software development outsourcing risks and how to mitigate them;
  • Explanation of software development processess;
  • Software developement outsourcing analytics;
  • Guides, how-tos, recommendations, FAQs, tips.

Code Inspiration team will be glad if any of this is useful for you and your business. 

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Don’t waste your time looking for information in many different sources. Code Inspiration is doing its best to collect all the information related to software developent outsourcing in the single place. 

This software development outsourcing Knowledge Base is not just a set of articles written by Code Inspiration team. We take an active part in the life of the international IT community and our blog has become popular enough among industry professionals, inluencers, experts. Many articles in the blog are written by experts who are not our employees. Nevetherless, their articles are of high value. In case you would like to contribute to development of the software development outsourcing knowledge base, please contact us via

The same if you haven’t found the information you want. In case you see some aspect of software development outsourcing is not covered by the Knowledge Base, please let us know. Code Inspiration’s analytical team will examine your request and add it to the plan.Software development outsourcing knowledge base. Drawn man manages the plan

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