Submit Article: 13 Opportunities

What is article submission

Article submission means that you write an expert and unique article and propose it for publication in some third-party platform.

Article submission is an integral part of content marketing, which is one of growth hacking strategies.

Why to submit business articles

In fact, there are 2 main reasons to submit an article:

  1. Demonstrate expertise.
  2. Boost online presence.

Submitting an article to some reputable third-party platforms is a great way to demonstrate expertise. Some readers might value your article and consider using your products or services. 

Basic requirements for an article submission

There are some guidelines that anyone must follow when submitting an article:

  • Perfect grammar, no mistakes.
  • Well-structured.
  • Non-promotional.
  • Expert, insightful and educative by nature.
  • At least 600 words but usually publishers expect 800-1400 words.
  • At least 80% unique, but sometimes 100% is a must.

Article submission and backlinks

Indeed, many submit articles to get backlinks in exchange. The situation is that usually major publishers do not accept promotional links. What’s more, links in submitted articles are usually marked with the no-follow tag. In fact, links to relevant sources only are acceptable. So keep this in mind and do not forget to check the submission guidelines of the selected publisher regarding this aspect.

So, let’s have a look at article submission opportunities. Advertising ones are not covered in the article. 

Submit article to Forbes

Forbes website says:

If you are looking to pitch a story, please approach the editorial staff directly.

So the algorithm to submit an article on Forbes is:

  1. Open Forbes website
  2. Select published articles similar to what the one are going to submit 
  3. Check authors of published article
  4. Open their bio
  5. Find email and socials
  6. Contact them and pitch your draft or ready article.

Submit article. Screenshot from

There is another option. Forbes hosts so-called Councils which in fact, represent closed communities of experts from all over the world. It has strict qualification and membership criteria. Anyway, if you are eligible and invited, you will be able to write articles for Forbes which will be published in the relevant Council then. This is how contributors’ articles look like:Submit articles. Screenshot from Forbes BizDev Council website.



Submit article to New York Times

The New York Times proposes several options to submit your content. Here they are:

Submit article to Bloomberg

Bloomberg is a reliable and trusted publisher that quickly and accurately delivers business and financial information, news and insight around the world.

According to their website, Bloomberg accepts press releases via emails in relevant regions of the world:

Submit article to Business Insider

An American financial and business news website. General tips may be sent to email.

Additionally, there is an option to find relevant authors and contact them directly. Business Insider publishing team also says:

The quickest way to get in touch with an editor or reporter at Insider is by emailing us.

… You can look up a specific reporter or editor email address by going to their author page. Most email addresses are the first letter of the reporter’s first name followed by their last name and Example:Submit article. Screenshot from

Submit article to the Atlantic

The Atlantic is an American 10-issue-per-year magazine and multi-platform publisher. First of all, there is an option to submit a letter to the Editor. It is also possible to contact the Atalnatic using the following emails for the relevant topics:

Submit article to Buzzfeed

While Forbes is a business-related publisher, Buzzfeed covers various news from 

If you think your article matches topics covered by Buzzfeed’s, simply pitch your idea via email: 

Submit article to Inc.

In fact, the process of the article submission is similar to Forbes’ one. The only option is to find authors via published articles and try to contact them in socials, pitching your article. Here is an example:

Submit article. Screenshot from

Submit article to Score LA

Score LA writes about careers, the modern workplace, business improvement, marketing, and finance. It is not a major publisher, but still a reliable and worthy one. You can email your written content to Before contacting them please have a look at their writing guidelines

Submit article to Medium

In fact, submitting an article to Medium is easy enough. Medium is an “open” platform that connects authors and readers, and anyone can post articles there. To do so, you should go to Medium, sign up or create an account, and submit an article in the profile.  

Submit an article to Huffington Post

HuffPost publishes freelancer work across a wide range of topics. They have several emails to pitch a story on the relevant topic:

  • for areas of particular focus are social inequality, politics, economic justice, environment and culture.
  • – for personal stories. Personal means original, authentic, compelling and told from the first person about a variety of topics.
  • – here Huffington Post expects diverse voices from all corners of the food world who can write from unique and resonant perspectives.
  • – Huffington Post is looking for freelancers who can write about culture and trends through the lens of fashion.
  • – Huffington Post’s guide to taking care of your mind and body so you can take on the world, both during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

Submit an article to Times of India

Times of India is one of the most widely read and respected newspapers in India. As far as we see, the only option to submit an article to Times of India is to become a contributor. If we are mistaken and there are other options to get published on TOI, kindly please let us know – we will update the article and mention you. 

Submit an article to Vice

An American lifestyle digital newspaper for the youth. Vice has several emails to pitch stories on relevant topics:

Submit an article to Thrive Global

A major publisher with content that helps people live and work with less stress, more productivity, and greater well-being. 

There is an application form on the Thrive Globals’ website that allows anyone to apply for being a contributor to be able to post articles. However, it is also indicated that starting from November 1 (year unknown), only the selected authors will be allowed to post articles.