Most popular articles for 2020

Dear Readers, the year 2020 is almost over. In this blog post we will list 10 most read articles from our blog for the year according to Google Analytics. Here they are:

  1. Article number 1 in our blog is What is iOS and what does iOS stand for?. As you may probably know, the iOS mobile operating system that runs on Apple devices only is one of 2 leading mobile platforms. In the article we explain what it is and what are the benefits of iOS for your business. Surely, providing that you have an iOS mobile application. The article had more than 7000 views in 2020.
  2. Top 2 article is How to recover deleted text messages on Android? . It can help when you accidentally delete text messages on your Android device, here is a set of desktop applications that can recover them. 
  3. Best Automated Trading Software in 2019 is the top 3 most read article in 2020 in our blog. The article describes some basic features of any trading application and lists some popular trading apps and their features. If you are thinking about your own trading app, check this article!
  4. The article Software development statistics, 2018 figures and results is the next most popular article. It describes the most popular programming languages in 2018 and some software development outsourcing industry insights. 
  5. Next interesting article is about aggregator websites. It explains what an aggregator is and why people use such websites. Actually, development of aggregator websites is considered to be one of the trends. Think over creation of an aggregator website in your niche or area! 
  6. Why is there an urgent need in state infromation systems – Since the end of the year 2019 we have been writing about global digital transformation, state information systems and E-Government. We are of the opinion that modern state-level information systems are capable of solving many problems of our times. We enjoy sharing our ideas and happy to see that users find this topic interesting and worth reading. 
  7. One more article was published a month ago and became among top 10: How to plan an application for on-demand services market? The thing is that On-demand apps are transforming the world around us and uncover unlimited business opportunities by providing comfort to the customers. Living in the digital age, whether it is laundry solution, beauty needs, home-cleaning needs, food ordering, or any other need, all can be satisfied through on-demand apps. The article explains what you should undertake to create your own service app. 
  8. Why your food and delivery business has to go online right now? – Asks and answers one more popular article. Actually, it has already been said a lot about the importance of online presence in our digital age. And against the background of COVID pandemic and lockdown issues this statement gets one more proof. The only conclusion here is that having a mobile app or website is no longer an option, it is a must for your food business.
  9. One more article is about product management, it explains why a startup needs MVP.  Briefly, MVP is a version of a product you ask  for and the goal of MVP is to check and confirm market demand.
  10. Can the Global Information System Benefit to Fight the Coronavirus Pandemic? – this article is also about digital transformation to E-Government. The idea is to create a world global information system dedicated to aggregation of data about COVID disease to increase efficiency and combine efforts of doctors, scientists and all of humanity to fight the pandemic. 

Here is how the top 10 most read articles in our blog looks like. Hope you find something useful among these 10 or other 300+ articles in our blog. We would also like to say that you can submit your article and get it published in our blog.

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