Full stack developer meaning

The profession of a full stack developer has been demonstrating high demand. Who is a full stack developer and what exactly this professional needs to know? According to a famous IT and development resource named Hackernoon, it is a specialist, or, to be more precise, an engineer who can handle all the work of databases, servers, systems engineering, and clients. Depending on the project, what customers need may be a mobile stack, a Web stack, or a native application stack.

One more proof of the popularity of this profession is the existence of lots of the educational resources like Coursera, Thinkful, Lynda and many others, offering courses to learn the profession.

Having read the mentioned above definition, the idea may have probably occurred to you that a full-stack developer has to have a master-level, advanced skills in everything concerning working with front-end or back-end. In practice, the core idea is that as a full-stack developer, you are able to develop code and fix problems on both sides.

How to become a full stack developer

Thus, to become a full stack software developer, one has to possess a given number of skills. So what are they?

As a beginner, to cover your road to the profession of a full stack developer, you have to have an overview of the development technologies, languages and frameworks you will be applying in your work.

Going to the basic

It is a good idea to start your full stack web development career with strengthening your HTML and CSS skills, which will serve as a basis.

full stack development servicesDeep HTML knowledge is essential for website development. By means of applying HTML you are able to define and structure your website’s content by using a simple markup syntax.

CSS, which stands for Cascading Style Sheets, is a simple way for adding styling to the new website: adding colours, fronts and so on.


As for the development languages, you just won’t be able to get by without JavaScript. It is an indispensable programming language for adding dynamic features to the newly-developed website. If you seek to start your web development career, please be prepared to learn JavaScript thoroughly and deeply. For many frameworks on the front-end (Angular, React, Vue.js) and on the back-end side (Node.js) the knowledge of JavaScript is a prerequisite.


As you will further require to learn Angular framework, you have to pay attention to the TypeScript as well. TypeScript is an addition to JavaScript and therefore is always used together with JavaScript to enable features like type checking.


As for the frameworks, if you are planning to help clients with building stunningly popular SPAs (single-page applications), you’d better have a closer look at Angular. In 2018 Angular was praised as the most popular development framework and experienced updates thanks to which some really awaited and applicable updates has been added.


For building interactive UIs, React, a JavaScript library for the development of user interfaces can be applied. Due to the fact that this framework is 100 percent component-based, it is possible to create complex UIs, because you are able to create encapsulated components that manage their own state.


The year of 2018 has been a positive one for Vue.js framework. It has become rather popular during 2018. It must be mentioned that the framework is quite easy to learn. In case you are planning to start a medium- or a small-sized project, you should consider applying Vue.js, as it can be a good fit.

Back-end development

Nowadays there exist quite enough options when it comes to choosing the right back-end development frameworks. In this article we would like to have a closer look at two of them, which are Node.js and Django.

Node.js belongs to the JS world. In this way, to make a sound use of Node.js, you have to possess a good knowledge of JavaScript. By the way, it is worth it: as you know, Node.js enables to execute JavaScript code and used with Express middleware, makes the back-end extremely powerful.

full stack developer


As we can observe, currently full-stack development is in high demand. Thus, if you are looking for a way start your career in this profession, the time is right. In case you are an experienced full-stack developer, why not invest some time and money to make your field knowledge and skills even more profound: this will definitely help you to take a more competitive position at the labour market.

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