Good SEO strategy

Being a full cycle custom software development company, Code Inspiration, however, doesn’t provide SEO services. And we see a great amount of clients’ requests, so we have talked with one of the top SEO specialists on the subject of SEO and are glad to share some useful SEO tips with you.  Our partner – Mr. Moussa Mhanna – has vast expertise in SEO and has achieved good results working with clients.

The research was prepared together with our partner Mr. Florian Berg, the owner of VPNwelt – Best VPN services comparison aggregator.

We are going to talk about 4 aspects of a good SEO as well as how common SEO plan looks like. Taking into account that SEO in general is a large enough sphere to study with a lot of special aspects, we will inform about some basics.

what is seo

User Needs

The task of any website owner or SEO specialist is to know a USER, to know what information a User is looking for and how, what is a number of these users? It is a necessary to perform a so called keyword research to answer these questions and understand user behavior and needs. What’s more, keyword research will help to identify what topics are interesting for users

Content for SEO

Basically any content you publish on the website should be unique, well-written, without mistakes. Well written specific articles, for example, shows your users (and maybe potential customers) your expertness in the sphere. Do not forget also to optimize your content and headlines according to keyword research data.

Publishing and Promotion

Two main aspects of SEO required for publishing and promotion are:

  • Linking
  • Social engagement

Backlinks is one more analysis tool used to set tasks around the opportunities and the competitor tactics.

SEO Results tracking

It is very important to track results after you published anything. It is necessary to know outcomes of every piece of content by means of pages ranking measurement and define conversion rate to make changes in content plan if needed.aspects of a good seo

SEO Action Plan

Here we will provide you with a brief understanding how a good 6-months’ SEO strategy looks like. For convenience, we will present it as actions per month:

Month 1

The first month is completely dedicated to research. The tasks for SEO specialist are:

  • keyword research;
  • website audit;
  • optimization planning.

By the way, there is a high importance of high-quality hosting for your website. Don’t underestimate this aspect!

Month 2

During the 2nd month we implement the results of first month’s audit and research.

Month 3

In the 3rd month we begin to work on content management. SEO specialist analyzes how to improve existing pages, what additional content should be added and so on.

Month 4

In month 4 we are aimed at correction of already started content management activities, technical optimization. A SEO specialist continues to collect data about website and its pages indexation as well as we also keep generating new content.

Month 5

There is a moment to implement and publish content management and user experience improvements.

Month 6

This month is about updating and maintaining all ongoing SEO activities. It could be further content creation, additional optimization if any new keywords or target audience was identified or website updates with new service or product offerings.

what is SEO

To sum up

In conclusion we would like to underline that SEO is not just a list with tasks for a 6-period of activities. SEO is a full scale, long-term strategy where aims and goals are stated and necessary specialist(s) are dedicated to stated tasks. SEO consists of day-to-day actions of the whole team in general and every team member in particular. The ideal variant is when SEO is a part of a company’s whole digital promotion strategy and aims of SEO activities are streamlined with the goals of digital strategy. In this way SEO is really working, effective tool for your products, services and company promotion.