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Today in 2019 a great number of IT companies try to develop their own projects and make benefit from it in different areas. According to their aims and needs necessity in developing their own IT products or getting third-party digital solutions appears. Some organizations can afford to support full-time specialists, while others do not. That’s why the best solution is to order services from outsourcing companies that provide different works in the field of software development.

Reasons why companies outsource software development

  • Cost reduction. Completing full cycle of work can be too expensive or burdensome to be performed by one company. Therefore, many companies trust this part of business to professionals in outsourcing companies. By getting solutions from an outsourcing company, they reduce a significant amount of costs. They do not need to pay for office rent, computer equipment, spend resources and time to search for new employees and pay them a salary. Instead, companies outsource from vendors with highly specialized units with trained staff and sophisticated equipment. The existence of outsourcing companies is highly valuable for companies that have nothing to do with IT and who need to develop software. In this case, they get a ready-made team of specialists who will perform everything from start to finish. All the customer needs is to tell the vendor their requirements and then control the process.
  • Time saving. Outsourcing companies help to save not only time, but money, especially for the startups with limited budget. Full range of assistance is provided within one company: consulting, development, design and testing. Moreover, if you order a product, you are always provided with guarantees and official documents. In Belarusian outsourcing companies the cost of services is strikingly different compared to the USA vendors, usually consulting in Belarus are much cheaper. For Individual developers who do not want to maintain a permanent staff is more profitable to turn to an outsourcing company, thus they get all they need in one company. It’s enough to submit a request and then get a ready solution to the tasks not only of technical nature, but also concerning management.
  • Qualified specialists. If you don’t have enough qualified specialists in your city by using outsourcing companies you can hire professionals around the world and also save time searching for employees. As a result you get all IT services in one place. Here you pay for the hours of work done, thereby not overpaying, unlike office staff who is hired on a permanent basis. Outsourcers guarantee the high quality of solving any tasks and are fully responsible for performing duties.
  • Lack of risks. The advantage of working with an outsourcing company is that you minimize risks and can clearly plan your budget. A team of analysts predicts the development of your business for several months in advance, so you can decide for yourself how profitable it can be.
  • Focusing on your main job. Delegation the number of tasks enables the head of the organization to fully focus on the core business processes. Outsourcing allows entrepreneurs and company managers transfer all non-core tasks to other people and only deal with their direct responsibilities.
  • Quality. Outsourcing companies guarantee high quality solutions to any tasks and are fully responsible for decision and performance of their duties. Therefore, it is in their interest to offer their customers high-quality working results. They constantly accumulate the best experience serving a large number of customers, thereby improving the quality of job and offering the right ready-made solution.
  • Technological advantage. Modern technologies are developing very quickly. Many countries such as the United States are far ahead. IT industry in Belarus is also developing rapidly, it has its own Silicon Valley – a group of companies that are part of the HTP. All companies that are HTP residents have a high level of IT specialists and they all possess the latest technologies, follow the latest trends in IT industry. If you want to get a good quality product in the shortest possible time, then it is easier for you to hire a team that already has all the necessary knowledge. This will reduce costs for training new staff and time for launching.
  • Competitiveness. Outsourcing companies that specialize in software development services will be able to provide high-quality results in a shorter period of time. Programmers work on the basis of hourly pay and do not waste time, which will allow you to bring the project to the market faster than your business competitors.

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 Several reasons to choose Code Inspiration

  1. Code Inspiration is a resident of the High Technologies Park (HTP). We are in the top 10 Mobile App and Web developers in Belarus for 2019.
  2. We have diverse experience in mobile apps (IOS and Android applications), client-server applications including server-side, WEB, CRM and ERP systems, Betting / Gambling, SaaS, Big Data.
  3. We are ready to confirm that we are professionals in our field, not only with awards, but also with excellent feedback from our customers: “They have impressive technical skills and deep knowledge.”  They took the time to understand our business, and we considered them part of our organization.” “They are definitely one of the best development firms we’ve worked with.”
  4. We use flexible and traditional methodologies and are ready to provide not only development, but also consulting and management from the beginning to the end.
  5. All employees in our team have a bachelor’s degree and are constantly improving their skills and furthermore, can communicate with customers in Russian, English, French and Spanish.


Code Inspiration is one of the top outsourcing companies providing full step consulting in your business, not only in developing, but also by solving managing tasks. We are glad to share our experience with startling startups: “We have experience developing projects for international clients in many market areas, including social networks, advertising, finance, education, sports and others. You can see our great reviews on Clutch.

The article is a part of Code Inspiration’s software development outsourcing Knowledge Base.