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Push your betting business forward with Code Inspiration

Code Inspiration is a betting software development company that boasts advanced experience in the domain due to a number of successfully fulfilled projects. We deliver efficient, data-driven betting software solutions making both clients and their users well-satisfied with the resulting product.

The volume of betting market demonstrates no signs of slowing down. Recent market researches predict betting market to grow by 8.62% during the period 2018-2022. In 2017 the online betting market was equal to $ 45.8 billion and expected to reach $94.4 billion globally by 2024 with the most famous 888 Holdings, Paddy Power Betfair, Betfred Ltd. and Bet365 Group Ltd. industry vendors. What pushes this business forward is digital revolution in sports industry. With implementation of software platforms and applications customers received an easy access to online sports betting.

Features of a Sport Betting Apps

Code Inspiration team worked with clients from different countries, whose requirements and projects were different, still, they expressed common demand on the features for their software products.

  • List of the sporting events

    List of the sporting events
  • Current game

    Current game
  • Urgent current rates

    Urgent current rates
  • Planning games

    Planning games
  •  Results of games

    Results of games

  • Filter results

    Filter results

  • News line

    News line

  •  Real time settlement

    Real time settlement

Betting Software Types

Code Inspiration has over 7 years of experience in building betting software solutions. Outsource betting software development services to boost your business. We’re ready to deliver you one of the most actual betting software solutions.

Automated Betting

We are able to offer a trading bots development option. Trading bots are able to benefit as they can bet for you 24/7, analyze the incoming data flows and find the diapason and discrepancy of indicators among the providers.

Cybersport Betting

Cybersport betting is promised to have a great future. For cybersport industry, where the trouble-free operation and payment security are core values, our company is capable of developing either a large platform or a mobile app for online eSport proposition bets.

Sport Betting

Sport betting is one of the most exciting ways to enjoy sports. No matter where you are, the software gives a user an experience of life presence. All the necessary features like secure payment, life scoring, sports news and social interaction via live chats are a must here.

User case

Success story of Сode Inspiration

A client turned to us with already existing system in the sphere of sport betting with the need to develop web-clients for their partners. We were responsible for the system’s enhancement and adding a wide number of additional functionality, including integration of payments. For that moment, the client already gained its audience and customers, and the key task coming from them was to build a high-load system able to process 10 thousand of users permanently.

One of the core project difficulties was that the code wasn’t being updated within a long period of time. The code was buggy, most frameworks required updates to the latest versions, as most of the libraries did. Having fixed all the mentioned issues, we proceeded with the tech documentation and specification guides, followed by updevelopment, implementing new features to the software.

To build high load system, our team decided to use a microservice architecture, which made it possible to increase the number of online users. The whole development process was augmented with our consultancy services and business analysis.

Our tasks and features we were to implement:

  • Payment system integration. We integrated Stripe for UK, gateway for South Africa and PayPal worldwide. For Chili we organized an offline fund withdrawal.
  • Integration of betting data providers. We have performed integration with the largest betting providers, there are Pinnacle, Paddy Power Betfair, Betradar and Sportradar among them.
  • Ticket scanning. This system made it possible to implement automatic ticket scanning via cameras and scanners for validation of winning tickets, helping us to achieve risks reduction of the human factor at the stage of entering data and exclusion of forgery possibility.
  • Implementation of custom analytics & statistics. The development team designed and implemented statistical modules, aiming at reflecting the users’ behaviour, which are critically important for the customer business perspectives.

Our dedicated team has successfully worked with this customer for more than 3 years.

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Our Focus on Betting Software Development

Due to our team’s advanced sports betting software development experience, we offer exactly the solutions that allow to understand the market and exploit these results to your advantage.

Strict deadlines Security

We pay special attention to design apps that boast outstanding security, as we understand its importance. Our skill set allows building secure betting solutions.

Unclear project requirements Reliability

For the betting sphere, personal data processing is an integral component. That’s why we always keep in mind this fact when developing an app to provide our clients with reliable products.

Limited budget Cost-effectiveness

Thanks to our advanced experience, we are ready to advice you on the most rational way of your budget’s use: exclude/add functionality, advise on the technological stack, etc.

Post Development Support Support

Once the product is ready, it will require further maintenance and support. Here we offer an SLA agreement for further maintenance service.