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ERP core idea

ERP systems are used for Enterprise Resource Planning aims. This types systems have already become indispensable for order management, human resources,sales & marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), finance and accounting business processes within a company. ERP systems eliminate greatly data duplication and provide unified access to the integral data for any department or staff member.

Nowadays it does not matter how large your company is. Customized ERP solutions offer a great level of flexibility, so it’s the system who adapts to your needs, not on the contrary.

Tools For Business Process Automation

Currently most businesses need to move towards automation of the internal business operations – CRM (customer relationship management) and ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems. Both CRM and ERP are computer-aided tools for Business Process Automation (BPA).

Most research agencies agree on the fact that market demand for these products has increased dramatically. Businesses integrate their ERP and CRM software to streamline business processes and boost productivity.

However, different market players search for their own benefits. Large enterprises turn to more traditional approach to ERP and CRM systems implementation seeking the intangible aspect of customer satisfaction, while small and medium enterprises want real value for money and to be able to calculate income. Some of them prefer ready-to-use solutions. Others augment them with some additional modules. And of course, there are enterprises that make their choice in favour of custom software.

Most common industries for CRM implementation

Education Retail Industry
Healthcare & Sport Banking
Trading services Hotels
Retail Financial services
Professional services Consulting services
Entertainment industry Insurance
Retail Marketing
Professional services HR
Entertainment industry IT

So what are the benefits CRM and ERP provide for business?

If to think about the amount of data generated daily, business owners have found themselves in a more complex business environment than ever. That’s why company’s efficient operation demands a single system for BPA that could unite all the working processes.

All about customers

Satisfied customers are the most valuable asset to any business. That’s why one of the biggest advantages of ERP and CRM integration is having a complete view of your audience: buying habits, order history, financial details, etc. Analytical information provided is helpful for tracking changes in your customers’ preferences, so you’re able to develop your business in the right direction.

Quick access to the required information

Without a fully integrated system, employees risk to work in a less efficient way. Let’s say, there is a pending order from your customer. Without a unified system, your employee will have to look through different systems to access customer’s contact details, make the order way, which may lead to a negative customer experience and therefore a loss in business.

Unified data storage

Unified data storage helps to eliminate time-consuming data entry and duplication: instead of several standalone databases, all departments and staff members have a unified source of company data. Still, the most prominent advantage or CRM and ERP implementation is exclusion of human factor. According to the numbers provided in the latest studies, improvement of data quality is around 60%.

More qualified sales

It might turn out to be you can’t even calculate what an average sales margin equals. Rather than rely on spreadsheets that require constant have-a-look and updates, ERP solutions are able to empower any executive with a comprehensive data on the firm, so that he can have a full picture of all business operations, while other departments can source the crucial data of their daily work.

User case

From words to practice

The client’s story is as follows. He turned to us with the issue of CRM development and support. Our first challenge was that at least two different teams had previously been developing the system. CRM had lots of bugs which affected badly the system’s operation, which in its turn was harmful to the organization’s reputation. At that time, the client already had business in 2 countries where this system was operating, and these problems bothered the owner: - the number of users was constantly growing - the number of bugs in the system disturbed users more and more - new clients asked for new features

The owner was shocked and didn’t know how not to lose his franchisees and satisfy his needs. Having analyzed the code, we understood that bugs appeared while making the basic architecture long time ago. The only way out was to rewrite the system using other technologies and customization according to users’ needs. While one team was developing the new system, the other one was put to maintain the software.

When the new system was launched, Code Inspiration team added necessary functionality to make it possible to deploy a new locale within 2 working days with an opportunity of customization and localization which will suit the country where new franchise is going to open. The project has been successfully implemented and currently is under the SLA agreement for maintenance and support purposes.

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