On Demand Delivery App Development

Foody heaven online – this is what Code Inspiration can build for your business

With an outstanding success of food delivery apps, the market demonstrates a strong tendency to grow. Convenience – this is what makes people prefer ordering to eating out. Gone are the times when only pizza or sushi where available for online ordering. Nowadays customers can choose from a variety of food restaurants. It saves time and their payment details are stored. If we turn to Statista, a research and analytics giant, according to its online food delivery report, worldwide revenue of $82.7 billion in 2018 is expected to increase to $137.6 billion by 2023.

Customers demonstrate a tendency for food delivery preference: any customer would love to enjoy their favourite meal delivered exactly to where they are. What’s more, think about how many clients you lose by not giving them a chance to deliver your food straight to their office during a busy day. Undoubtedly, your clients will appreciate greatly having such food service within reach. To become attractive for your customer, the business have to go online, making ordering as accessible and convenient as it is possible.

Why Your Business Has To Go Online Right Now

In case you run a restaurant business and your nice place cannot be found in the Internet, that’s a big problem. Without a website, your food business’s potential will be untapped. But if you have one, your customized food delivery app can empower your business.

Reduce Operation Costs Reduce
Operation Costs
No frustrations at ordering No frustrations at ordering
Building your customers database Building your customers database
Market competitive advantage Market competitive advantage
Instant customer support Instant customer support
High level of customer satisfaction High level of customer satisfaction
Free marketing opportunities Free marketing opportunities
Possibility to develop franchise business Possibility to develop franchise business

Features for Food Delivery Software

Code Inspiration team has cooperated with different clients from different countries, who expressed unique demands, still, we have managed to point out the following features necessary for food delivery software.

  • Nearby restaurants’ search option

    Nearby restaurants’ search option
  • Menu/dish description browse option

    Menu/dish description browse option
  • Restaurant select

    Restaurant select
  • Dish constructor option

    Dish constructor option
  • Order placement

    Order placement
  • Secured payment mode

    Secured payment mode
  • Possibility to choose payment methods

    Choice of payment methods

  •  Option to track the order and dish status

    Option to track the order

  • Giving rates

    Giving rates

  • Reviews writing

    Reviews writing

  • Special offers

    Special offers

  • Order history

    Order history

User cases

Success story of Сode Inspiration

Our digital consultancy agency knows how to add value to your food business. We have already implemented the abovementioned features and know how they work. The dish constructor feature was successfully implemented into YummPizza project. The feature was warmly accepted by the restaurant’s clients.

One of our cases within the food delivery niche was related to the task of integration of the iiko restaurant business automation systems (a leading solution for the restaurant business in the CIS region).

The client already had several restaurants and a web site. Our task was to implement into the already existing infrastructure a mobile app for iOS and Android platforms for ordering food online and introducing a loyalty system (bonus program) as well as for marketing purposes.

The developed application tracks the status of the order and informs the user with push notifications about changes in the status of the order. We also integrated payment gateway for credit card payment.

As the fast business growth and constant change of the customers’ demands, we had to implement new features not only fast, but also with a qualitative QA, i.e., all the changes were well-tested before they had been directed to production to prevent our client from losing the customers.

Due to the implementation of the project, the client also got access to the business analytics and statistics to generate reports on products and users, have full reports on order statistics and most popular ordered products.